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Latin Rts Final

Latin roots

Fort Strong
Tract To drag
Vir poison
Volv, volum, volut to roll
oc eye
ord, ordin order
Sci to know
viv, vit to live
mesn, mest month
cred, credit to trust
solv, solut to free
vor devour
de, div God
nomen, nomin name
stru, struct to build
cruc cross
ag, act to do
am love
err wander
flect, flex bend
plac calm, peaceful
tang, ting, tact to touch
flu, flux to flow
jac, ject to throw
man(u), main hand
vinc, vict to conquer
rex, reg royal
amb(i) both
aud, audit to hear
pend, pens to hang
fratr brother
bel(l) war
doct to teach
patr, patern father
matr, matern mother
soro sister
cid, cis to cut, to kill
fid, fidel to trust
lumin light
termin end, boundary
sui self
clam to cry out
misc mix
mort death
omni all
semi part, half
string, strict to draw tight
ann(u), enn(i) year
ced, cess to yield, to step
cord heart
grad, gress to step, to go
mal(e), malign bad
sanct sacred, holy
vid, vis to see
voc to call
anim life
capit head
ped foot
mut to change
tenu thin
sent, sense to feel
vi way, road
art art
aqua water
bene good
fac (fic) fact to do, to make
loqui, locut to talk
magn great
mult many
rect(i) straight, right
vol wish
dic(t) speak
duc(t) to lead
equ equal
nul(l) nothing
sequ, secut to follow
simil, simul same
tempor time
verb verb, word
grand great
Created by: ash42297