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All Living Things

All kinds of living things

A hard outer covering that protects an animal's body and gives it support. exoskeleton
Cone-bearing plants. conifers
Animals that have backbones vertebrates
Mushrooms are one example fungus kingdom
These are on a fish's head and they allow the fish to "breathe" underwater gills
Animals that do not have a backbone, like snails and centipedes. invertebrates
Includes paramecium and algae protist kingdom
Each bone that makes up the backbone vertebra
All living things organisms
What it is called when an arthropod sheds its old exoskeleton molts
Organisms in the plant kingdom that use energy from this to make their own food the sun
Their body temperature varies with the temperature of the environment reptiles
These can live inside humans and other animals roundworms
These are made up of one cell monerans
A kind of mollusk octopus
These animals have hollow bones birds
These look like plants but they are animals sponges
Where do babies of most mammals grow inside their mother
A plant with seeds with one piece monocot
A spore-forming plant that has roots, stems, and leaves. fern
An invertebrate with jointed legs and a hard exoskeleton arthropod
A vertebrate that usually lives in water after hatching from an egg but as an adult can live on land amphibian
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