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Vocab Stage 1

Latin wordEnglish word
Tantus So great
Nisi Except, unless
Nimium Too much
Denique At last, finally
Neque And not, nor
Procul Far off
Sequor Follow
Nam For
Autem But
Itaque And so
Adhuc Until now
Nubes Cloud
Opus Work, construction
Opes Money, wealth
Poculum (wine) Cup
Arcus Arch
Arca Strongbox, chest
Ara Altar
Pons Bridge
Lectica Sedan- chair
Scelus Crime
Poena Punishment
Pectus Breast
Vox Voice
Campus (military) Camp
Fuga Escape
Hostis Enemy
Litus Seashore
Laetus Happy
Lex Law
Lux Light
Soror Sister
Intellegere To understand
Placere To please
Decere To be proper
Taedere To be tiring
Oportere To be right
Niger Black
Lucundus Pleasant
Hora Hour
Legere To read
Morior Die
Proelium Battle
Tutus Safe
Volare Turn
Socius Allied
Corruptus Corrupt
Obstupifacere To amaze
Mandare To order, entrust
Otiosus At leisure, idle
Amplecti To embrace
Praeesse To be in charge of
Scelestus Wicked
Illucescere To dawn
Affectus Overcome
Odio esse To be hateful
Redeundum Must return
Vetus Old
Optimus quisque All the best people
Depromere To bring out
Severus Severe, strict
Transilire To jump through
At But
Adipisci To recieve, obtain
Iam Now, already
Iamdudum For a long time
Minari To threaten
Me auctore At my suggestion
Quidam One, a certain
Utrum...necne Whether...or not
Ignoscere To forgive
Ignorare To not know
Ignis Fire
Igitur Therefore
Conscendere To go on board
Effundere To pour out
Lacrima Tear
Effusis Lacrimis Bursting into Tears
Inopia Poverty
Proximus Next to
Pulvinus Cushion
Ingredi To Enter
Spina Toothpick
Conari To try
Adloqui To speak to, address
Scindere To cut up, carve
Sextus Sixth
Inniti To lean, rest
Infigere To fasten onto
Conviva Guest
Created by: flipofreality