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geo cards


landform processes changes that occur in landforms
tidal wave the "bulge" in the ocean's surface caused by the pull of the moon's gravity, which becomes high tide at each place it travels to
storm surge the sudden rise in sea level caused by high winds pushing water toward coastlines
epicentre the break point where earth's plates move suddenly, causing an earthquake
composite cone a volcano made up of alternating layers of cinders and magma
shield cone a volcano built entirely of magma
plate tectonics the theory that all the continents were once joined together and are gradually drifting apart
igneous rock solidified magma from inside the earth
metamorphic rock changed rock
sedimentary rock thick beds of sediment that have slowly solidified into rock
contour lines lines on a map that connect points with the same elevation
topographic map a very detailed map of physical and human features
elevation the height above sea level
cross-section diagram a diagram that shows the inside of an object, as though you had cut across it
river system the whole network of streams and lakes that come together to form one river
dendritic drainage the tree-like drainage pattern created if rivers cross a gradual slope over one basic type of rock
trellis drainage the rectangular drainage pattern created if rivers flow through alternating bands of hard and soft rock
greenhouse gases gases that capture solar radiation, this acts somewhat like a "roof" on the lower atmosphere
fossil fuels fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, that are formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals
global warming the gradual increase in the temperature of the earth's surface
solar radiation energy from the sun
greenhouse effect the heating of the earth's surface caused by gases creating a "roof" over the lower atmosphere
tropical storm a storm originating in the tropics and marked by high winds and often heavy rain, such as hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons
tropical disturbance a weather phenomenon originating from warm ocean waters as cool air blows into the base of swirling mounds of warm, moist air heated by the sun
vortex the rapid, spiralling winds of the tornado
Doppler radar electronic soundings that measure the speed and rotation of winds and wind drafts
polar climate severe winters and cool summers
tropical climate hot temperatures in every season and a lot of moisture
temperate climate moderate temperature conditions year round
air pressure a measure of the density of air
desert climate very dry weather conditions
maritime climate warm summers and cool winters
continental climate hot summers and cold winters
mountain climate cooler than places at lower altitudes; often with heavy precipitation if located near coastlines
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