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HS 2 - Exam Review 1

HST 2 - Exam Review

What is disinfection used for?
Describe airborne precautions. Name a disease that requires this precaution.
Explain the process of antibody production.
Name 2 diseases caused by bacillus. TB and tetanus
Describe droplet precautions. Name a disease that requires this precaution.
What is protective or reverse isolation?
What is the difference between contaminated and clean?
Define sterile.
What are bacteria? Simple one-celled organisms that multiply rapidly
Define contaminated.
What are cocci? Name 2 diseases caused by cocci. Round or spherical bacteria. Impetigo and strep throat
What are 2 common pathogenic fungi forms? Yeast and mold
Where are protozoa? One-celled animal like organism found in decayed materials, contaminated water, and bird feces
What is a nonpathogen?
Describe the 6 links of the chain of infection.
What does an ultrasonic machine do? Uses sound waves to clean items
List 5 body defenses that allows us to fight infection. Coughing, sneezing, tears, fever, and HCL in stomach
Name the 6 main classes of microorganisms. Fungi, protozoa, helminth, virus, rickettsea, and bacteria
What are viruses?
What shape are bacilli? Rod Shaped
What is disinfection?
Describe contact precautions. Name a disease that requires this precaution.
Name 2 diseases caused by viruses. Aids and common cold
What are cocci that occur in chains? Clusters? Chains- Streptococci. Clusters - Staphylococci
How to you hold transfer forceps? Pointed down always
Can you reach across a sterile field? No
Where does an exogenous infection orginate? Endogenous? Exogenous - outside the body. Endogenous - inside the body
What is a disease producing organism called? Pathogen
What type of organism is a rickettsiae? Parasetic microorganism
What is a communicable diesase?
What is the purpose isolation?
How can you maintain the sterility of gloves after you put them on?
What is asepsis? Surgical asepsis?
What is sterilization?
Name 2 ways that mircoorganisms cause disease.
What are 3 techniques for removing articles from sterile wraps?
List 3 things microorganisms require in order to live. Warm enviroments, darkness, and a source of food
What is a nosocomical infection? Opportunistic?
Created by: fortmillbaby