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PN Test #4

Which of the following phase are written objectively ? "Ate 45 % full liquid diet. Did not very hungry acted like she should not have drunk all that he did"
When using the focus method of charting known as DAR you know that R stands for what type of data ? The patients response for your nursing intervention
Which of the following time during a 7 am to 3 p.m. shift would be approriate times to document on the patients chart As soon as possible after the accurrance or event.Before the physical rounds at 1015 ass .Following performance of physical assessments. At least every 2 hrs'
Which of the ff. entries are good example succint charting? " Sacral wounds measure 2cm x4cm with 1cm depth. Wound bed pale and dry , with 1- cm black eschar center circumferenced by 0.5-cm dark erytherma. No gradulation noted. Moderate amount foul smelling green purulent drainage."
What type of ducomention would you , as a nurse ,be responsible for performing in the section marked Physician's Orders? Transcriptions date ,time, and your initials;When you noted the orders; verbal order given to you by the physician.
Graphic Data 0800 vital sign results
Admissions Record consent for treatment
Nurses Notes Nurses physical assessment data;patient responsible to initiation of IV infusion;Voice patient complaint;0800 vital signs results.
Advance Directives Living will
Rehabilation therapy Respiratory Therapy treatment notes; Notation of strenght training exercise session
Documentation Skills are equally important as highly technical nursing skills.
What is the Purpose of Documentation Include cotinuity of care; Permanent records of patient's medical experiences; record of accountabily for quality assurance, accreditation, and reimbursement;and legal records for both the patient and the health care providers.
HIPAA Guarantees confidentiality of the patient's medical records.
Documentation should be done in What ? with blue or black ink, be legible , be signed, have the date and time at beginning of each entry, be in chronological order, be done in timely manner, be succint, have punction, and be accurate and objective.
What is the purpose of client records? Basic purpose of client Written records are: Written Communication; Permanent records for accountability; Legal Records ; Teaching ; ara collection
What are the basic guidelines of Documentation? The Quality and accurancy of the nurses notes are extremely important; Correct spelling ,grammar , punctuation as well as good permanship and other writing skills are important in documentation; Information records in the chart should be clear, concise, c
What are the rules of Charting ? All sheets should have the correct client name, date , and time; Use only approved abbreviations and medical terms;Be timely,specific,accurate & complete; Write legibly; Follow rules of grammar and puntuation; Fill all spaces leave no empty lines.
What are the basic rules of Charting? All sheets should have the correct
What is Kardex / Rand Cards system used to consolidate client others and care needs in a centralized,concise way ; Kept at the Nursing station for quick reference
What is a Nursing Care Plan? Prepinted guidelines used to care for to Client with similar health problems; Developed to meet the nursing needs of a client; Based on nursing assessment and nursing diagnosis.
Should you cross the document? Never Cross The Documentation.
What is an incident report ? Form that is filled out with any event not consistent with the routine care care of expected care
What do you put on incident report? Give only Objective observation information; Do not admit liability or give unnessary details; Do not mention the incident report to nurses station.
What are the nursing assessment? Objective Data(ex. pain vs, feel, hear,smell, and see) ; Goals(What you want to accomplish today); Intervention(ex. Action what are doing); Rational(Why do we get out o bed); Evaluation(ex. Did we get them out of commode . Did it work?)
What is incident report? It is the form that filled out with any event not consistent with the routine care of client.
What is the used for incident report? It is used when client care was not consistent with facility or national standards of expected care
What is the purpose of the Client Records? Auditors, Peer review,Quality assurance / assessment/ improvement;An audit in health care that service provided the results.
What is DRG means? Diagnosis Related Groups.These classifications of illness and disease are used to determined the amount of money paid by medicare to hospital to the care of the patient with that particular illness or disease.
What is Nurses Notes means? The form on the client chart on which nurses observations are given and the client responses; Institutions reimbursed by insurance companies or government programs only for the client care documented
Who is the primary reposible for initial admission? The Registered nurse (RN) has the primary responsible for the initial admission nursing history, physicals
What is the traditional charting? sheets of data.
What is Objective data means? This is the data that are related to the problem. Objective data must be something that you and others are able to discern with one of the senses
What is Assessment data means? When used of the context of SOAPIER charting, assessment data refer to the problem you identify after you analyze the subjective and objective data. This step is very similar to the nursing diagnosis step,also known as the patient problem of the nursing p
What is Plan? This is the plan to resolve the patient problem or nursing diagnosis that you just identified. It is the plan of care.
What is intervention? This refers to the specific and measureable actions that you take to resolve the patients problem; it is how you actually carry out the plan you made in the previous step.
What is Evaluation? This is identical step of the nursing process. It describes whether or not the intervention you just performed were effectively by evaluating the patients response. Did it help the problem? Did they achieved what you intended?
What is Revision? There may or may not be necessary revision for each problem. If the evaluation shows that the intervention you performed was effective in resolving in the problem then theres is no need to revise the plan of care. If revision is not needed, write "none" o
What is PIE Charting? It is much shorter than dovument fewer data than SOAPIER Charting style; however,because it only address the patient problems, the concept of treating the patient holistically is lost.
What is The PIE acronym stands for? Problem ; Interventions ; Evaluation
What is the P stands for PIE? This list is built from collected data to identify the patients problem, and as additional problems are identified, they are added to the original list.
What is I stands for Pie? These are the interventions you perform to address the patients problems.
What is E stands for PIE? This is your evaluation of the effectiveness of the interventions you performed.
What is Focus Charting means? It means focus on the patient and patient concerns, problem and strenths.
What is the common type of focus Chartings? A common type of focus charting is called DAR
What DAR stands for ? Data; Actions; Response
What is Data means for DAR? Contain subjective and objective data. (Ex. subjective information The patients son told you , or the patients verbal complaint of pain. Objective data(ex. result of pulse oxemetry, VS patients behavior that you may observe.
What is Action means for DAR? Her you chart intervention. (ex.teaching, repositioning,administering prn,medication, changing a dressing, or notify the physicians of an abnormal laboratory results. These entries reflect the planning and implementation stages of the nursing process.
What is Response means of DAR? Refers to the patient response to your intervention and reflects to the evaluations phase of the nursing process
What is Charting by Exception means? Quite different from the other types of documentation.
What is the Primary disadvantage of charting by Exception? Is the abscence or omission of specific data might be useful in defence of your actionor patients conditions in a court of law.
What is Narrative Charting means? Tells the story of the patients experience during the hospital stay.It is written chronologically.
What is OBRA means and What they do? It's a federal law known as Omnibus Budget Reconciallation Act . Mandates that an extensive assessment called the Minimum Data Set for Resident Assessment and Care Screening.(MDS)
What is MDS? Must be completed for each resident within 4 days of admission to the facility and updated every 3 months. The form consist of many assessment that must be made.
The first women in the health care was that a ? Midwife
The most famous Kaiserworth deaconess was? Florence nigthtingale
Which is true of a "One Plus One"program? The first year program prepares the student to take The NCLEX- PN. The students can work as an LPN/LVN while completing the second year of nursing school to become an ADN.
The NCLEX is ? An examinationtaken to become licensed as a nurse
An RN asked a friend who is LPN/LVN student," Will you be able to start an IVs when you get out of school?Which is the best response ? It will depend on the Nurse practice Act of the state I where work
Which is a description of profesionalbehavior by a nurse? Requesting assistance of you realize you will not be able to finish your assiged duties on time
What is Medicare? Is the federal government's health insurance porgram for people older than 65 years of age or those with certain disabilities or conditions.
What is Manage care means? A system with health care delivery aimed at managing the cost of quality of access to health care.
What is Inpatient means? Stay overnight or longer in a healthcare facility
What is Inpatient provide? Inpatient may provide in an acute medical or mental health care hospital.
What is residential care is? It's used to describe caregiven in a setting where the patients, or resident , stay for long period of time.
What is an acute care hospital provide? It provides emegency care,surgeries, inpatient care, diagnosis testing, and usually some type of outpatient care.
What is the Long Term Acute Care Hospital provides? It provides a level of care similar to that an acute care hospital;however , LTACH focuses on patients with the seriuos medical problem that require intense, special treatment for a long period of time, about 20 to 30 days.
What is a long term care facilities? Also called nursing homes or covalescent homes, these facilities is where resident often live for many years. Nursing care provide around the clock for the resident for this facilities.
What is assisted living facilities? This facilities provide less nursing care than that found in long term care facilities. Residens are assisted with medication and personal care such as bathing and dressing. Meals are provided and a choice of activities may be available.
What facilities that do not provide nursing care? Independent Facilities
What is SNF means and what they provide? Skilled Nursing Facilities. They associates with hospital and a long term facilities. They provide less intense level of care facilities than that found a ttraditional long term acute care hospital.
What are the requirements of SNF to be covered by medicare or private insurers? Pts must be hospital in 3 days;pts enter nursing home within 30 days of hospitalazation;100 day stay max p/ye of related with one hospitalazation & diagnosis;pts must making regular progres as documented by medical professionals.
What is Rehabilatation or Rehabilatation Facilities? Often shorted to rehab, is a level of care in which the patient can receive intense physical, occupation and speech therapy service.
What Outpatient provided? It provide in many setting and is designed to meet the need of the patient in one day and then aloow him or her to return home.
What is Home Health Care? Home health care can be one or many types of health or medical services provides to the patient to their homes because they are confined to their homes by and illness or disability
What is Hospice means? Is medically directed nurse coordinated program providing a continuum of home and inpatient care for terminally ill patient and family.
What TEAM Nursing means? A team consisting of nurse and certified nursing assistants (CNA) or UAPs to provide care for a group of patients. The disadvanage of team nursing is that w/o excelent communication bet. team members, care may become fragmented.
What is Client Centered means? Empower the patients to take control of and manage his or her care.This often setting in rehabilatation setting.Allow pts achieve independencewithin the limits of their ability.
What is Primary care Nursing care means? One nurse is responsible for all nursing care for his or herassigned patients. The disadvantage of this type of delivery is that it work best when the number of patients assignedto the nurse is very limited, so it does not work well outside critical care
What is Case Management system ? The delivery of nursing care via case manangement system is associated with a manage care strategy.
Whose responsibility is it to pay the cost of health insurance? Health Care costs re paid for in one of five ways: Public health insurance, Private health insurance,insurance for special populations, charitable insurance, Self pay insurance.
What is public health insurance means? PHI is funded by government , either state or federal, or a combination of both. Medicare and Medicaid is a form of public health insurance.
What is medicare? Is a federal government's acute care health insurance porgram for people older fthan 65 y/o
How many types of medicare medicare programs? There are four types of medicare program A,B,C,D.
Who are eligible of medicare Part A? Insurance for hospitalazation, hospice,home health, and skilled nursing facility services
Who are eligible of medicare Part B? Supplementary health insurance to help pay participating providers, such as physicians, laboratories, X-ray technicians , and home health nurses, and for durable medical equipment?
Who are eligible of medicare Part C? Also called Medicare Advantage plan, which are health insurance companies in place of traditional medicare.
Who are eligible of medicare Part D? Also known as Medicare Prescription Drug coverage, provides payment for prescribed medications and is run by insurance companies or other private companies approved by medicare.
What is a Medicaid And who are eligible for it? It is a federal- state government matching funding program. Because the state is required to set coverage policies and administer the program. This program is offers assistance for poor and medically indigent individuals, pregnant women with an income bel
What is Capitation means? Refers to the payments system employed by health maintenance organizations(HMOs)
What is the Primary care physicians got to do with Capitation system? Primary care physicians are paid a set amount per member per month to manage the health care of those members.
What is Referral means? It means if the PCP are unable to successfully treat the patient conditions he or she makes a referral to specialist . The pt. can not self refer the specialist cannot accept tyhe patient without referral.
What is TRICARE means? It's an insurance plan for active and retired military services members and their families.And CHAMPVA provides free health benefits for vetiran military service.
What are the two most important factors in payment for health care delivery? Are Medical necesity and appropraite level of care.
What is health care team is made up? HCT is made up of a number professionals and assistant who include medical nursing, therapautic, etc. It is impossible to provide thorough health care w/o the help everyone on the team.
Private health insurance companies is known as? Third Party payers, include health maintainance organization (HMOs), prefered provider organizations (PPOs) and Point of service (POS)plans.
HMO pays primary care providers (PCP) by who? Capitation System. The PCP is the gate keeper for referrals to other health care professional such as specialist and therapists.
The PPOs and POS plans rely on previous nagotiated discount agreement between who? Between the insurance companies and the health care providers including specialist.
If an elderly person needed help with meals, medications and personal care, but did not need continous nursing care ,which inpatient setting would be the most appropriate level? of care? An assisted living facilities
Which member of the theraphy staff would be consulted if a patient had difficulty swallowing? Speech Theraphy
A cost effecient way to provide care to people who are confined to their homes due to illness or disability is the use of ? Home Health Care
A patient who's terminally ill with cancer is no longer being treated with radiation or chemotheraphy( Cancer attacked meadication) The most appropriate level of care for this patient would be? Hospice
Your working on a large medical unit with 30 patiens requiring medication, theraphy and dressing changes, and pain management. Nursing stuff for the shift consist of two RNs three LPNs, and 3 CNAs. Which type of nursing delivery would you expect to work b Team Nursing
Payment to hospital for the care of madicare patients is based on ? Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG)
Eligibility for Indian Health Service is? Based on having certificate of degree on Indian blood; set by each tribe.
What is the goal of nursing care Should be improve the quality of the patient's living and dying.
What is Values? A value is related to your belief of something worth and may differ from the values of others around you. Values are learn from from your own life experienceand determine who you are.
What is our Ethics are made up of? It made up of the values that influence your decisions and behavior
They are partially determined by what you believe is morally right and wrong and further structured by numerous other principles such as?? The pts' welfair is our primary concern; Individual have the right to make choices even if the choice are not in their best interest.
What is an Ethical Delimma ? Is a situation in which a decision must be made between two oppossing alternatives when there is not an exact right or wronganswer.
What to expect during your hospitalazation stay ? High quality hospital care; Clean and safe environment; Involvement in your care;Protection of your privacy.
What is the patients ethical rights? Patients have the rigth to be treated ethically with advocacy, respect, dignity,ahonesty and compassions.
What is advocate to patients means? It means to stand up for what which is in the patients best interest, as opposed to that which is in the best interest of the physicians, hospitals,or co-workers
Who is the first patients advocate? The nurse serve as a primary patients advocate.Respect includes honnoring the patients feelings, belief, opinions and decisions.
What are the two types of law that affect you as a nurse? The federal government provides two sources of laws that govern nurses: Contitutional and Statory law that govern nurses.
What is an example of Contitutional law? Is US Bill of Rights, which provides US citizens with ten rights. One of which the right to privacy,directly affect oyur nursing practice.
Federal, States, and local government pass laws that are known? Statutory laws
The common statue governing licensed nurses is passed by the state legislature and known as what? Nursing Practice Act (NPA)
What is the Nursing Pratice Act? Which provides the scope of nursing as designated by each state
What is the Generic name? Is assigned by the U.S. Adopted Name Council (USANC).Generic name is not capitalize.
What is Chemical name? Named of exact ingredient of the medication.
What is Prescription Medications? Are available with a written direction from a health care provider with prescription authority
Over the counter (OTC) medications? Are available without the prescription, and are also referred to as momprescription medications.
Oral route? Taken through the mouth, either by swallowing or by sublingual ( UNDER THE TOUGUE) OR cheeks or gums )placement
Mocusal route? Absorbed through the mocusa, such as medication applied through the rectum,vagina,eye or ear , and inhailed into the lungs and bronchi.
Topical Route: Appilied to the skin ; includes creams,ointment,
Parenteral route? Given beneath the skin; includes the injection such as interdermal (between the layers of the skin, subcutaneous (benath the skin), intramuscular (within muscles to layers), and intravenous(into the vein)
Young Rules? A method in the calculation of the approriate dose of the drugs for a child 2 years age or older;Applies to children is greater than 12 Formula: Age of child/Age children + Formula:Age of child/Age of child +12* Adulth dose
Brand name The short, easy to remembername of drug
Topical Route The route by which medicines are applied to the skin.
Side Effects Uccors when unintended outcomes of a medication takes place
Therapeutic level The amount of medicines in the blood necessary to cause the desired effects on target organs.
Chemical name The exact ingredient of a medication
Oral Route Route by which medications are taken through the mouth
Toxicity Too much of a medication in the body
Desired effect The reason a medication is prescribed
Over- the- counter (OTC) medications Medicine are available without a prescription
A short version of a drug's chemical name assigned by the USANC is known as the? Generic name
Are available with the written directions from the health care provider with prescription authority? Prescription medications
All medication given beneath the skin are administered via the ? Parenteral Route
When medications are applied through the rectum, vagina, eye, or ear are inhaled into the lungs, they are given by the ? Mucosal Route
Unintended effects that are more severe or harmful than side effects are called ? Adverse Effect
Occurs when the patients body reacts to a medication as a foreign invader to be destroyed? Allergic Reactions
A comprehensive book containing detailed information about a large number of medications , containing the same information as the drug package inserts, is called the? Physicians Desk Referrence
A drug referrence book designed specifically for nurses is called a ? Nursing drug guide
That document that list the patients medications and the times they are to be given, on which the nurse initials administrations of the drug is the ? Medications Administration Record
You are preparing to give medications to your assigned patients in clinical. The orders are for 8 different medications, a nitroglycerin patch, and an insulin injection.What will your instructor expect you to know about this medications before you admini (a)Classifications of each medications (b) The desired effect of each medications (c) The name of the physicians who order each medications (d) Lab values to be checked before giving any medications (e) Vital Signs to be checked before giving of any medi
What factor can contribute to the risk for a nurse to developed a drug abused problem? Nurse have easy access to drugs and Nurse deal with high work- related stress.
What would happen if a nurse were caught diverting drugs? The nurse could face arrest and criminal charges and The nurse would be referred to a program where he/ she could get help.
You are administering a medication to a child. How can you ensure that you have calcullated the correct dose before you administered it? Asked the other nurse to check your calculations and veryfy that that is the correct dose.
Why are elderly patients more risk for developing drug toxicity? Impaired Liver and Kidney functions, causing drug to build up in the blood
You for a patient taking Digoxin for congestive heart failure. During your shift the patient complains of naseua. what will you do before giving his next dose of Digoxin? Check the patient digoxin level on the chart to determined that is not elevated.
Your patients is taking Lasix 40mg PO as a diuretic. When you check, the patien potassium level was low at 3.3. You held the Lasix and notied the PA with the lab rsults. The PA then said to give and also ordered potassium supplement, K-tab 20 mg to give The potassium supplement will replace the possium that is being removed by the lasix
The Trade Name of drug is also referred to as the? Brand name and Propriety name
A pharmaceutical company has developed a new medication that was costly to create. How will the company be compasated for the cost of their research and developed? They will be allowed to sell the medication with no competation for approximately 10 years.
Which of an example of an over the counter medication? Acetamophine (Tylenol)
The oral route of medication administration includes: Subligual and buccal medicines
Schedule II drugs: Have a high potential abuse ; Ave no medical purpose; Include morphine; codeine, oxycodone, meperidine. Must be kept under double lock
Which patients are more likely to have a drug reaction? A patient who has never had a reaction of medicine in the past.
A 46 yrs. old female developed swelling of the tongue and throat after taking a new antibiotic. She went to the ER because she was having dificulty breathing. Which drug effect has occured? A severe adverse effect
A patient pneumonia is allergic to cephlosporin antibiotics. He tells that he breaks out in rash and itches if he takes it. The PA has prescribed Cefazolin (Ancef) for him because it is one of the few antibiotics that will kill the bacteria cultured from Hold the medication and notify the PA.
You are caring for a patient who has an order for an IV antibiotic. When you hand a second bag, the patient goes into anaphylactic reaction. which action will you expect to perform? Stop medication immediately; Follow the facility policy for rtesponding anaphylaxis; Increase IV fluid to keep increse the blood pressure. Obtain IV epinephrine in case it is needed
You are caring for a patient who is taking valporoic acid(Depakote) to prevent seizure activity. The thearapeutic level of this medication is 50 to 100 g/mL. The medication is ordered to be administered orally at 0900. You are caring this pts &? will u do Hold the medication; and notify the physicians of the blood level and obtain orders regarding the administration of the medication .
The pts u r caring 4 has been placed on Warfarin (Coumadine) to prevent blood clots. Which teaching will you provide? Do not take aspirin or products containing aspirin while u r taking Coumadin ; Report excessive bruising or bleeding from the gums, eyes,kidney, intestine,or vagina
Which is true of the PDR? It contains of colored pictures of many drugs in the Products Identifications section; It contains medications chemical composition, indications for use, contraindications, warning, routes, and administration
Before administering any antihypertensive medication you will be first? Check the patients blood pressure to ensure that it is not too low
List the six rigths of medications administration? Right medicationn; R. Dose; R Route; R Patient, R Date and Time; R documentation
Identify the three times to check the medication, dose, route, and patient, to ensure that you are administrating it safely? As u remove the midication from the cart, bin, or PYXIS; Prior to placing it in the medication cup and returning the container to the drawer. At bedside, prior to opening the medication.
If the patient is taking too many medication , How could you be so sure that u have them all when you are preparing them? Count the # of medications to be administered on the MAR and count the # of medications u r taking to the room and verify that the number match.
A patient is taking simvastian (Lipitor) for high cholesterol levels What patient teaching will you provideregarding interaction of this medication with food, beverages, and supplements? Teach the patients to avoid taking the medications with grapefruit juice,because it can interfere with drugs.absorption, leading to increase blood levels and increase side effects
What will you check before administering antiarrthymic medications to your patients? Vital sign
2-12-13.1400. Amiodrone hydrochloride 200 mg PO R. Burton , MD What is missing from this order? What will you do before administering this medication? The frequency of administering is missing.Notify thePhysician and ask for the frequency and very the remaining order
Under tounge Sublingual
Administration of creams,suppositories, foams, and tablets into the vagina where they dissolve Vagina route
Containers that relys on the force of the patients own inhalations to dispense a dose of a dry powder. Dry powder inhaler (DPI)
Contains water, alcohol, possibly,coloring and medication. Elixir
Between the check and the gum Buccal
Presurized medications dispense that spray pre measured amount of the medications. Metered dose inhaler (MDI)
A liquid containing a dissolve substance Solution
Administrations of suppositories, enemas,oitnment, and cream inserted the rectum, Rectal route
Powdered ingrient pressed into a various sizes and shapes. Tablet
Gelatin shell containning a powder or pellets of medication Capsule
Contains fine particle of medication mixed with but dissolve by the liquid. Suspention
Concentrate aqueous preparations of sugars with or without flavoring, and medications Syrup
The ____ of administration is the merthod by which medications are taken through the mouth, or oral mucus membrane Oral route
An ___ tablet contains an outer couting that does not dissolve untile it reaches to the entestine Enteric couted
A___ tablet is designed to slow the absorptions of a drug. Sustained Release
When a drug is appied to the skin, or mucos membraens, this is administration by the? Topical Route
The route used when applying drug into the skin using a patch is known as? TRansdermal Route
When medications are dispersedin fine droplets and inhaled into the lungs and bronchial airways, they are administered via? Respiratory route
Medications made with opium, and opium deratives for the purpose of controlling and relieving pain are referred to as? Narcotics
When you prepare to administer medication through a percutenuoes endoscopic gastronomy (PEG) tube it is important to dertermined? The comatability of the tube feeding formula with the ordered medications; Whether the medication can be crush for administration through a PEG; Whether to mix the crushed medications with water or with juice.
You are working in a long term facility where certified medication aids administer oral or topical medications. Which of the following concern you the most? Ensuring that all meds are being given correctly.
You are visiting a client during a home health rotation. The is having difficulty remembring whether she has taken her medications. What can you do to help this client Set up her medications in a pill organizer so she can tell when she has taken them.
You are working in a long term facility. When will you reorder medications for the resident? When 7 days remains on the punch card
A smaller, sealed glass drug container that must be broken to withdraw the medication. ampule
The diameter of the needle, indicated by numbers Gauge
Inject a small amount of fluid into the dermis intradermal
Injected directly into the largest portion of a muscle. Intramuscular
Injected into the layers of tissue fat Subcutaneous
injection technique that closes that closes the needle track in the tissue, preventing seepage of medication Z-track
Smaller diameter, 1 mL syringe, calibrated in mins as well as tenths and hundreds of milliliter, for administering small, precise volumes of medication for infants and tb skin test. Tuberculin syrange
A syrange calibrated in units rather than milliters Insulin syrange
single-dose, ready-to-use, disposable cartridge prefilled syringe
A glass or plastic container of medication with a rubber with a rubber stopper that must be punctured with a needle to withdraw medication Vial
First pass metabolism The oral route of drug administration result in the drug being routed through the liver, where a portion of the drug is metabolized or used up. This decreases the amount of drug remaining in the blood after it leaves the liver to enter the systemic circu
Label the parts of the syringe Tip; barrel, plunger, flanger
Fatty tissue; larger blood vessel and nerve The subcutaneous connective tissue layer contains
To prevent abscess & of infection on injection sites, you must observe stringent__? Technique while mixing , drawing, & administering injection. Sterile
For what disease does purified protein derivative (PPD) test? Tuberculosis
How much PPD is administered and what route is it given? 0.1 mL in left ventrical forearm
Ptients that require repeated insulin injections sometimes developed ??????, The breakdown of subcutaneous fat at the repeated insulin injections. Lipoatrophy
Hypoatrophy If the repeated insulin injections at a site caused a buildup of tissue, it is called?
PPD syrange 25 * 3/8
insulin key points Insulin "MUST": all insulin types can be mixed most of insulin types;daily injection sites should be rotated; must be kept in a dark,dry cabinet; The prepared site for administ. is the back of the upper arm.
Abdomin Which of the following sited provide the best and most consistent absorption of insulin?
What medicine required a second and third nurse to veryfy the dosage? Insulin and heparin
what angle for intradermal injection? 15 degress
What angle for IM injection 90 degress
45 What angle of insertion can be used for subcutaneous injections in patients of all sizes
Which siteis the site of choice for IM injections in the majority of patients? Ventrogluteal
What is the maximum volume of medication that can be instilled into the deltoid muscle? 2 mL
what maximum volume you can instill in the ventrogluteal site of a very large muscular female of apprmt. 240 lbs 3 mL
Which muscles site is or are used for children? Vastus lateralis
You would aspirate before injectiong the medication in which of the following injections? 1-mL promethazine IM and Cyanocobalamin 1000 mcg Z- track
The following sites that would be appropriate to use for an intramuscular injection in a 14 -month-old Vastus Lateralis and Ventrogluteal
Which appropriate needle to used IM injection of vit. K for newborn 25 x 5/8
Containers that rely the force of the patient's own inhalation to despense a dose of dry powder Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI)
Contains water, alcohol, possibly coloring, and medication Elixir
Presured medication dispenser that spray a premeasured amount of midication Metered dose inhaler (MDI)
a liquid containing a dissolved substance Solution
Contains fine particles of medications mixed with but not dissolved in liquid Suspention
Concentrated aqueous preparations of sugars, with or without flavoring, and medications Syrup
Designed to slow the absorbtion of drugs. Sustained release tablet
When drug applied to the skin or mucous membranes this is administration by the? Topical route
Route used when applying drug to the skin using a patch is known ? Transdermal route
Medications made with opium derivatives for the purpose of controlling and relieving pain are referred to as? Narcotics
Important to administered medications through a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube are!! The compatability of the tube feeding formula with the ordered medications; whethier the med can be crush for administration through PEG; Whether to mix the crush meds w/ water or juice
U r preparing to administer a liquid suspention , What you must do first? Clean the lid of the bottle with an alcohol swab before opening it.
What is the nessary to flush a feeding tube w/ 30to 60 mL of water before and after administion of medication? To prevent the reaction of meds w/ the formula in the tube; to prevent adherence of the drugs to the tube;To prevent clogging to the tube.
A patient has an order for silver sulfadiazine cream to be applied liberally to a burn on the forearm. How will you administered this medications? Use a tongue depressure to apply a thick coat of medication to the arm.
To administered an eye drop you will place the drop in the ? Middle part of the lower conjuctival sac.
How can you prevent eye drops from being absorp into the blood stream an d causing unwanted systemic effects Press your glove fingertips gently against the lacrimal ducts for a few seconds.
Steps for administering rectal suppository? Position he pt to left position;apply gloves lubricate the tips;insert the sop around tip first ; push, instruct the patient to hold the suppository in the rectum as soon as posible.