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L. Christiana II R-4


audio hear
dormio sleep
munio fortify, construct
impedio hinder, impede
scio know
finio finish, end, limit
punio punish
venio come
aperio open
sentio feel, percieve, think
hodie today, this day
cras tomorrow
heri yesterday
quod because
quis who?
quid what?
ubi where?
cur why?
sed but
nihil nothing
clamor shouting, shout
orator speaker, orator
senator senator
mos custom
timor fear
voluntas will, good will
pastor shepherd
virgo virgin
lectio lesson
piscator fisherman
panis bread
custos guard
tentatio temptation
pes foot
dux leader
libertas freedom, liberty
arbor tree
sol sun
caritas love, charity
passio suffering
avis bird, sign, omen
ovis sheep
orbis world, orbit, circle
mens mind, understanding
ars art, skill
nix snow
finis end, boundary
dens tooth
sedes seat, abode
civis citizen
Created by: ntlltigers