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L. Christiana II R-3


sum I am
es you are
est he, she, it is
sumus we are
estis you are
sunt they are
eram I was
eras you were sing.
erat he, she, it was
eramus we were
eratis you were pl.
errant they were
ero I will be
eris you will be sing.
erit he, she, it will be
erimus we will be
eritis you will be pl.
erunt they will be
voco call
servo guard, keep
aro plow
exspecto wait for
tempto tempt
nato swim
erro err
saluto greet
sto stand
do give
moneo warn
placeo please
valeo am strong, am well
augeo increase
caveo guard against, beware of
fleo weep
rideo laugh
respondeo answer, reply
maneo remain, stay
teneo hold
ago do, drive, act, treat
curro run
duco lead, guide
bibo drink
rego rule
pono put, place, set
trado deliver up, hand over
cado fall
credo believe
vivo live
defendo defend
vinco conquer
edo eat
tollo raise (up), take away
cano sing
mitto send
scribo write
dico say, tell
claudo shut, close
peto seek, beg
Created by: ntlltigers