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OB Abbreviations

OB Terms and Abbreviations

ab abortion or spontaneous abortion
abnml abnormal
AFP AlphaFetoprotein
ant anterior
APGAR newborn evaluation score
AROM artificial rupture of membranes
ballotable movable
BC birth control
BOW bag of waters
BP blood pressure
CCT controlled cord traction
circ circumfrence
cl clear
contx contractions
CPD caphalo pelvic disproportion
C-sec cesarean section
CNS central nervous system
CST contraction stress test
CVS cardiovascualar system
DTR deep tendon reflex
ebl estimated blood loss
EDC estimated date of confinement
EDD estimated due date
EFM electronic fetal monitor
EGA estimated gestational age
epis episiotomy
ETOH alcohol
FBS fasting blood sugar
FHR fetal heart rate
FHT fetal heart tone
FHS follicle stimulating hormone
GC gonorrhea
gest gestation
GI gastrointestinal
gravid referring to pregnancy
gravida a pregnant woman
GTT glucose tolerance test
gyn gynecological
hx history
inutero inside the uterus
IAB induced abortion
IUD intrauterine device
IUP intrauterine pregnancy
LB live birth
LC live child
L & D labor and delivery
LMP last menstrual period
LOA left occiput anterior
LOP left occiput posterior
LOT left occiput transverse
lt light
mec meconium
med medication
multigravida been pregnant more than once
multipara given birth more than once
n/a not applicable
nml normal
NST non stress test
nulligravida has never been pregnant
nullipara has never given birth
OC oral contraceptives
OA occiput anterior
OP occiput posterior
OT occiput transverse
OFC occipital-frontal circumfrence
O2 oxygen
para to give birth
pit pitocin
post posterior
PP postpartum
PPH postpartum hemorrhage
primigravida first pregnancy
primipara giving birth for the first time
pro/glu protein/glucose
PROM premature rupture of membranes
PTL preterm labor
quickening first fetal movement felt
RBC red blood cell (erythrocyte)
RDS Respiratory Distress Syndrome
resp respiration
RH Rhesus
ROM rupture of membranes
RR rate rhythym
SAB spontaneous abortion
SDLF spontaneous delivery live female
SDLM spontaneous delivery live male
S/S signs and symptoms
SROM spontaneous rupture of membranes
TAB therapeutic abortion
TOP termination of pregnancy
TPR temperature-pulse-respiration
UA or Ux urine analysis
ut uterine
UTI uterine tract infection
VBAC vaginal birth after cesarean
vits vitamins
wks weeks
WNL within normal limits
wt weight
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