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Algae- any plant or plantlike organism (as a seaweed) that includes forms mostly growing in water, lacking a system of vessels for carrying fluids, and often having chlorophyll masked by brown or red coloring matter
Aquarium- a container (as a glass tank) in which living water animals or plants are kept
consumer- a plant, animal or person that requires complex organic compounds for food which it obtains by preying on other living things or eating particles of organic matter
Cricket- any of a family of leaping insects related to the grasshoppers and having leathery forewings used by the males to produce a chirping sound
dependence- something on which one relies
duckweed- a tiny stemless plant that floats without attachment on the surface of a body of still water
ecosystem- system made up of an ecological community of living things interacting with their environment especially under natural conditions
elodea- any of a small genus of American herbs with leafy stems that live underwater
environment- the whole complex of factors (as soil, climate, and living things) that influence the form and the ability to survive of a plant or animal or ecological community
experiment- a procedure or operation carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover something, to test a hypothesis, or to serve as an example
germination- the prosess of a seed turning into a plant
isopod- any of a large order of small crustaceans (as a wood louse) with a thorax made up of seven segments of which each bears a pair of legs
material- the elements or substance of which something is made or can be made
moquito fish- a fish that feeds on insect larvae, especialy mosquitos
natural- of, relating to, or following the usual events and happenings of nature or the physical world
observe- to make a scientific observation of
organism- an individual living thing that carries on the activities of life by means of organs which have separate functions but are dependent on each other : a living person, plant, or animal
pollution- the action of polluting
producer- a living thing (as a green plant) that makes its food from simple inorganic substances (as carbon dioxide and nitrogen) and many of which are food sources for other organisms -- compare
terrarium- a transparent enclosure used for keeping and observing small animals and plants indoors
Created by: GHeisinger5