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Root Words CA HR 4

Roots (84)

manu hand
mar sea
med, medi middle
medic physician, to heal
memor mindful
mon to remind, advise, warn
ment mind
migr to move, travel
mit, mis to send
mort death
mov, mob, mot to move
mut change, exchange
necess unavoidable
noc, nox might
nomen name
null, nihil, nil nothing, void
ord, prdin to put in order
par, pair to arrange, get ready, set
part, pars portion, part
ped foot
pend, pong, pens to weigh, pay, consider
pli, plic to fold
plur, plus more
port to carry
pos to place, put
pot powerful
prim,prin first
prov separate
prov, prob to prove, test
reg, rig rect to rule, right, straight,
rupt to break, burst
sacr, secr, sanct scared
sat, satis enough
scrib, script to write
sed, sid, sess to sit; to settle
sent, sens to feel
sequ, secut to follow; sequence
simil, simul, sembl like, similar
sol, soli alone, lonely
somn sleep
son sound
spec, spect, spic to look, look at, behold
spond, spons to pledge, promise
tic, tac silent
temp time
ten, tain, tent to hold
tend, tens to stretch, strive
termin boundry, limit
test to witness, affirm
tract to pull, draw
trib to allot, give
vac empty
ven, vent to come
ver truth
vers, vert to come
vest garment
vestig to track
via way, road
vir manliness; worth
vis,vid to see, look
viv, vit life
voc, vok voice call
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