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Latin Phrases

use this for review for end of the year exams!

ab ovo usque ad mala from eggs to apples (from beginning to end)
ab initio from the beginning
ad hoc for this purpose
ad infinitum to infinity (endlessly)
ad nauseum to the point of disgust
alibi an excuse, elsewhere (being elsewhere when a crime was committed)
alma mater nourishing mother (school or college attended)
alter ego another self
Anno Domini (A.D.) in the year of the Lord
ante bellum before the (Civil) war
ante meridiem (a.m.) before noon
ars gratia artis art for the sake of art
ars longa, vita brevis art (is) long, life (is) short
bona fide in good faith (genuine)
carpe diem seize the day (enjoy today)
cave canem beware of the dog
caveat emptor let the buyer beware
citius, altius, fortius faster, higher, braver (Olympic theme)
cogito ergo sum I think, therefore I am
cum grano salis with a grain of salt (not seriously)
cum laude with praise
de facto from the fact (in reality)
dramatis personae characters in a play
e pluribus unum one out of many (Motto of the US)
errare humanum est to err is human (everybody makes mistakes)
et cetera (etc.) and the rest
ex libris from the books (from the library of)
ex tempore on the spur of the moment
excelsior higher (Motto of NY)
exempli gratia (e.g.) for example
fiat lux let there be light
finis the end
id est (i.e.) that is (in other words)
in absentia in one's absence
in flagrante delecto in a burning crime (caught red-handed)
in loco parentis in place of a parent
in media res in the middle of things
in memoriam in memory
magna cum laude with great praise
magnum opus great word (masterpiece)
mea culpa my fault
mens sana in corpore sano a sound mind in a sound body
mirable dictu amazing to say
modus operandi way of operating
non sequitur it doesn't follow (an illogical statement)
nota bene (N.B.) note well (pay attention)
novus ordo seclorum new order of the ages (new world order)
panem et circenses bread and circus games
pax vobiscum peace be with you
per annum by year (annually)
per capita by heads (individually)
per diem by the day (daily)
persona non grata unwelcome person
post meridiem (p.m.) after noon
post scriptum (P.S.) written after
pro tempore (pro tem.) for the time being (temporarily)
quid pro quo something for something
rara avis a rare bird (unusual person)
recipe (Rx) take (symbol for prescription)
res ipsa loquitur the thing speaks for itself (it's obvious)
requiscat in pace (R.I.P.) may (s)he rest in peace
semper fidelis always faithful (US Marine Corps)
semper paratus always prepared (US Coast Guard)
sine die without a day (without a date set to assemble)
sine qua non without which not (a necessity)
statim (stat.) immediately
sub rosa under the rose (secretly)
summa cum laude with the highest praise
tempus fugit time flies
terra firma solid ground
verbatim word for word
versus (vs.) against
vice versa the order having been changed
Created by: hflmagistra