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science ecosystem vocab

algea any plant or plantlike organism (as a seaweed) that includes forms mostly growing in water, lacking a system of vessels for carrying fluids, and often having chlorophyll masked by brown or red coloring matter
aquarium a water tank housing aquatic animals and plants
consumer organisms that eat other organisms for food
cricket a winged animal that chirps and jumps
dependence relliance or need for a person or thing
duckweed an aquatic plant that floats on the water
ecosystem the interaction of living and nonliving things
elodea submerged fresh water perrinnial
enviroment the natural surroundings of living things
experiment test something to see what happens
germination the act of delveloping into a plant from a seed
isopod any of various small terrestrial or aquatic crustaceans with seven pairs of legs adapted for crawling
material substance out of which something is made
mosquito fish a small livebearing fish that is found in ponds and lakes
natural not produced artifically genuine
observe to watch or study intently
organism a living single or multi celled indivual
pollution harmful substances in the enviroment
producer an organsm capable of making its own food
terrarium a glass enclosure for small animals and plants
Created by: gyoungblut5