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6th Grade EOY Review

Review concepts and vocabulary 2014-2015

Which tool would you use to measure mass? balance
Speed is equal to distance divided by______________________? time
Stress building up under the crust of the earth would be an example of which type of energy? potential energy
Heat given off by burning firewood would be an example of which type of energy? kinetic energy
Sugar dissolving in iced tea would be an example of a __________________ change. physical
A bicycle left in the rain is rusting. This would be an example of a ___________________ change. chemical
It is important to develop alternative sources of energy because petroleum (oil) is a ______________________ resource. nonrenewable
Earth's surface is mostly composed of Oxygen and _________________. silicon
When lighting a match, chemical energy is transformed into __________________ energy. heat
Movement of the the continents are best explained by plate ____________________. tectonics
When forces are ______________________ the movement will be in the direction of the greater force. unbalanced
The ____________ ________________ describes the processes by which any type of rock can be changed into another type of rock. rock cycle
To measure the density of an object such as a piece of coal, you would use a graduated _____________________ and a balance. cylinder
When graphing percents or parts of a whole, it would be best to use a ____________________ graph. pie or circle
Objects that float in water are __________________ dense than water. less
Sugar, Water, & Salt are all ______________________ containing two or more elements. compounds
If a force of 200 N was exerted on an object and the object remains motionless, no _________________ was done. work
The space shuttle is different from all other space vehicles because the space can be used more than ___________________. once
The ______________________ includes the crust and the upper part of the mantle. lithosphere
The correct order of the layers of the Earth in order from outside to inside are crust, mantle, outer core, _________________________. innercore
If the mass of an object is 4 grams and the volume of the object is 2 cubic centimeters, the _____________________ would be 2 grams per cubic centimeters. density
Two factors that determine the gravitational attraction between two objects are distance apart and ___________________________. mass
Reaction to acid, hardness, and __________________ are all ways scientists test minerals. streak
A substance is ____________________________ if it can be flattened into thin sheets. malleable
If you see a symbol and want to know if the symbol represents an element, you can verify by looking on the _________________ table of elements. periodic
A solid object smaller than a planet is called a _________________. asteroid
Silver, copper, and iron, are all metals that ______________________ heat. conduct
Scientists know where plate boundaries of the world are because of ___________________ and volcanic activity. earthquakes
A compound is made of 2 or more ________________________ elements, such as H20. different
Your popsicle melts completely to a liquid when it reaches the _____________ temperature as the room. same
The most common elements in the Earth's crust are Silicon, Oxygen, and ________________________. aluminum
When reading a triple beam balance, you will need to ___________ all three riders together before recording the mass of the substance. add
To graph how your speed changes over a 10 minute time period, you would put your speed on the y axis and ________________ on the x axis. time
To make "liquid sunshine, " two clear liquids are combined to make a bright yellow liquid with solid particles settling to the bottom. The solid that forms indicates a ____________________ change chemical
Mass, ___________________ , and density are all used to position the elements on the Periodic Table. size
A horizontal line on a distance vs. time graph means that the object is not _____________________. moving
The further down into the Earth, the ________________ the layers are. hotter
When you touch a hot pan, heat is transferred from the pan to directly to your hand. This is an example of _______________________. conduction
Color, density, and melting point are all ___________________properties because you can observe them without changing the substance into something new. physical
Air leaking from a tire represents what type of energy? kinetic
Boiling water on a stove is an example of a physical change
When reading the volume of liquid in a graduated cylinder, you take the reading at the bottom or the curve also called the meniscus
Created by: LSumrall72