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Must Know Regents

list #2 (hic, haec, hoc...profectus)

hic, haec, hoc this, these
homo, hominis (m) man, human
honor, honoris (m) honor
hostis, hostis (m) enemy
iaceo, iacere, iacui, iacitus (2) to lie down
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactus (3) to throw
iam now, already
ibi there
idem, eadem, idem the same
igitur therefore
ille, illa, illud that, those
impedio, -ire, -ivi, -itus (4) to prevent, hinder
imperator, imperatoris (m) general
imperium, i (n) command
impero, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to command, rule
impetus, us (m) attack
imprudens, imprudentis unwise
in into, onto (accusative); in, on (ablative)
incendo, incendere, incendi, incensus (3) to burn
induo, induere, indui, indutus (2) to put on
infirmus, a, um weak, shaky
inimicus, i enemy
initium, i (n) beginning
iniuria, ae (f) injury, insult
inquit says, said
insula, ae (f) island, apartment building
intellego, intellegere, intellexi, intellectus (3) to understand
inter between, among
interdum sometimes, occasionally
interea meanwhile
interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectus (3) to kill
intro, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to enter
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventus (4) to come upon, find
invito, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to invite
invitus, a, um unwilling
ipse, ipsa, ipsum himself, herself, itself, themselves
iratus, a, um angry
is, ea, id he, she, it, that
iste that (of yours), this, that
itaque and so, therefore
iter, itineris (n) journey
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus (2) to order
iuvenis, iuvenis (m) young man, youth
laboro, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to work
lacrimo, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to cry
laetus, a, um happy
laudo, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to praise
lectus, i (m) bed, couch
legatus, i (m) envoy, ambassador, lieutenant of legion
lego, legere, lexi, lectus (3) to read
libenter freely, gladly
liber, libri (m) book
liberi, liberorum (m) children
littera, ae (f) letter, literature
litus, litoris (n) shore
locus, i (m) place, location
loquor, loqui, locutus sum (3) to speak
ludus, i (m) game, school
luna, ae (f) moon
lux, lucis (f) light, day
magister, magistri (m) teacher
magnopere greatly
magnus, a, um great, large, loud
maior, maioris better, major
male badly
malo, malle, malui (irreg) to prefer
malus, a, um bad, evil
maneo, manere, mansi, mansus (2) to remain, stay
manus, us (f) hand, band
mare, maris (n) sea
mater, matris (f) mother
maximus, a, um greatest, biggest
mecum with me
medius, a, um middle
medicus, i (m) doctor
melior, melioris better
mensa, ae (f) table, meal
meus, a, um my
me me
mihi to me, for me
miles, milites (m) soldier
mille thousand
minimus, a, um smallest
minor, minoris smaller, minor
miser, misera, miserum unhappy, poor
mitto, mittere, misi, missus (3) to send
modus, i (m) mode, method
moenia, ae (f) wall, fortification
moneo, monere, monui, monitus (2) to warn
morbus, i (m) sickness, disease
moror, morari, moratus sum (1) to delay, stay
mors, mortis (f) death
mortuus, a, um dead
mos, moris (m) custom, law
moveo, movere, movi, motus (2) to move
mox soon
multus, a, um many, much
musa, ae (f) muse
nam for
narro, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to tell (a story)
nascor, nasci, natus sum (3) to be born
nasus, i (m) nose
nauta, ae (m) sailor
navigo, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to sail
navis, is (f) ship
ne in order that ...not
-ne indicates yes/no answer
necesse necessary
neco, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to kill
nemo no one
neque...neque neither...nor
nescio, -ire, -ivi, -itus (4) to not know
nihil nothing
nimbus, i (m) cloud
nisi unless, except
nobis to us, for us
noli don't
nomen, nominis (n) name
non not
nos we, us
noster, nostra, nostrum our
notus, a, um famous, known
novem nine
novus, a, um new
nox, noctis (f) night
nullus, a, um no
numerus, i (m) number
numquam never
nunc now
nuntio, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to announce
occido, occidere, occidi, occisus (3) to fall down, die
occupatus, a, um busy
octavus, a, um eighth
octo eight
oculus, i (m) eye
odio, odire, odivi (4) to hate
olim once (upon a time)
omnis, is, e all, every(one)
opera, ae (f) task, work
oppidum, i (n) town
oppugno, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to attack
optime excellent
orbs, orbis (m) circle, world, globe
ordinis, ordinis (m) line, order, row
oro, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to beg, pray
paro, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to prepare, get ready
pars, partis (f) part
parvus, a, um small, little
passus, a, um spread out, open
pastor, pastoris (m) shepherd
patronus, i (m) patron
paucus, a, um few
pauper, pauperis poor
pax, pacis (f) peace
pecunia, ae (f) money
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsus (3) to strike, drive out
per through
periculosus, a, um dangerous
perpetuus, a, um eternal, lasting
persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi, persuasus (3) to persuade
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventus (4) to reach, arrive
peto, petere, petivi, petitus (3) to seek, look for, attack
placeo, placere, placui, placitus (2) to please
plebs, plebis (m) common person, pleb
plenus, a, um full
plurimus, a, um very many, very much, most
plus, pluris more
poena, ae (f) punishment, penalty
populus, i (m) people
porto, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to carry
portus, us (m) port, harbor
possum, posse, potui (irreg) to be able
post after, behind
postea afterwards
potens, potentis powerful
potestas, potestatis (f) power
praeterea besides
primus, a, um first
priusquam before
pro for, on behalf of
procul far away, in the distance
proelium, i (n) battle
profectus, a, um progress, advance
nuntius, i (m) messenger
occupo, -are, -avi, -atus (1) to occupy
patruus, i (m) uncle
pono, ponere, posui, positus (3) to put, place
Created by: hflmagistra