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How much is the red dress? 红色连衣裙是多少钱?
It's 150 dollors. 150美金。
Do you have a cheaper one? 你有便宜的连衣裙吗?
Yes, the yellow dress is cheaper. 是的,黄色连衣裙是便宜的。
How much is the yellow dress? 黄色的连衣裙是多少钱?
It is $100. 100美金。
Is the yellow dress the cheapest? 黄色的连衣裙是最便宜吗?
No,the green dress is cheaper than the yello dress. It is the cheapest. 不,绿色的连衣裙要比黄色的更便宜,它是最便宜的。
I will take the green dress. 我要绿色的连衣裙。
ok ,I'll wrap it up for you. 好的,我把它包起来给你。
Dad, I like the white boots. 爸爸,我喜欢白色靴子。
The white boots is too big for you. They are also very expensive 白色靴子太大,而且它们也非常贵。
Let's buy the brown boots instead 让我们买棕色的靴子。
I don't like the brown boots . They look ugly. 我不喜欢棕色的靴子,它们难看。
How about the red ones? 红色的靴子如何?
Oh,yes, the red ones look beautiful. Let's buy them. 哦,是的,红色的靴子看上去漂亮,我们买这双吧。
Created by: markclass