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rafting 漂流
swimming 游泳
snorkeling 潜浮
surfing 冲浪
diving 潜水(跳水)
jet skiing 水上摩托
canoeing 划独木舟
kayaking 皮艇运动
doing puzzles 游戏拼图
play video games 玩视频游戏
pottery 陶器
surfing the net 网上漫游
sunbathing 日光浴
having a barbeque 有一个烧烤
playing beach volleyball 玩沙滩排球
building sandcastles 堆沙堡
having a picnic 有一个野餐
skiing 滑雪
bobsledding 雪橇车比赛
hang gliding 滑翔
ice hockey 冰球
ice skating 滑冰
Created by: markclass