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Latin 2 Exam:Culture

Who's the mother of Perseus? Danae
What were the characteristics of Gorgons? scales, brass hands, snakes for hair
what deity changed mortal medus into a Gorgon? Minerva
Who did Perseus marry? Andromeda (rescued her)
Which deity hated Hercules? Juno
Who's the mother of Hercules? Alcmene
What hero killed the Minotaur? Theseus
What hero killed Medusa? Perseus
Theseus was from ______, Greece. Athens
What happened to King Aegeus, and what was named for him from it? commited suicide b/c thought son was dead, etc.; the Aegean Sea
What was Jason on a quest for? the Golden Fleece
What was the name of Jason's ship? the Argo
______'s work, Symposium, explained saying, "better half" of a couple+ said that humans were once conneced spheres that _______ separated. Plato; Zeus
TRUE or FALSE: Were the gods apt to leave human matters of the heart be if happiness was present? false
Which famous playwright adapted Latin classical love stories into his own works? Shakespeare
What was rolled down the aisle @ Thetis + Peleus' wedding? a golden apple reading, "To the Most Beautiful"
Who was judge of the fairest between Minerva, Juno, and Venus? Paris
Who started the Trojan War? Helen of Troy
What historical event does the Illiad describe? 10th year of the Trojan War
Who's Achilles mother? Thetis, goddess of the sea
Which hero was said to be decently related to Julius and Augustus Caesar? Aeneas
Which Cyclops did Odysseus kill? Cyclops Polyphemus
The Trojan War lasted ___ years? 10
Odysseus' journey home lasted ___ years? 10
Odysseus was originally from where? Ithaca
Whish god or goddess, who happened to be one of Cyclops' parents, impeded Odysseus' journey? Poseidon
Who was the wind god? Aeolus
Who was Tiresius? a blind prophet
What offer did Calypso give Odysseus? immortality in exchange for bieng her permanent lover
Which Roman statesman has inspired orators from ancient times to the present? Cicero
TRUE or FALSE: The word Renaissance derives from Latin. FALSE
TRUE or FALSE: Latin continued to be the language of education during the Renaissance. TRUE
What does "agenda" mean? "plans"
What does "alias" mean? "otherwise"
What does "circa" mean? "approxiamately"
What does "per diem" mean? "per day"
What does "per annum" mean? "per year"
What does "via" mean? "by means of"
Created by: hcmeek