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Latin 2 Exam: Vocab.

agmen, agminis, n. marching column
carmen, carminis, n. poem, song
cibus, i, m. food
exercitis, m. army
flumen, fluminis, n. river
heres, heredis, m./f. heir
imperium, i, n. rule, power, empire
inopia, ae, f. want, helplessness
iocus, i, m. joke
iuventus, iuventutis, f. youth
mens, mentis, f. mind, spirit
nemo, m. no one
pater, patris, m. father
pons, pontis, m. bridge
porta, ae, f. gate
victor, victoris, m. victor
vinum, i, n. vice
dulcis, dulce sweet
fidelis, fidele faithful, loyal
immemor, immemoris + GENITIVE forgetful of
ingens, ingentis huge
levis, leve light
ligneus, a, um made of wood
proximus, a, um nearest
quantus, a, um how much, how great
secundus, a, um second
tertius, a, um third
tristis, triste sad
tutus, a, um safe
vacuus, a, um + ABLATIVE empty of
vehemens, vehementis violent, vehement
vetus, veteris old
duo, duae, duo two
tres, tria three
aperio, ire, aperui, apertum to open
bibio, ere, bibi to drink
coepi, coepisse, coeptum + INFINITIVE to begin
decipio, ere, decepi, deceptum to deceive
defendo, ere, defendi, defendum to defend
diligo, ere, dilexi, dilectum to esteem highly, love
edo, ere, edidi, editum to produce, give forth
furo, ere, furui to rage, be insane
invado, ere, invasi to burst in
laudo, are, avi, atum to praise
oro, are, avi, atum to ask, entreat
parco, ere, peperci (+DATIVE) to spare (someone or something)
placeo, ere, placui, placitum + DATIVE to please, be agreeable to someone
recipio, ere, recepi, receptum to receive
resisto, ere, restitui, restitutum to restore
valeo, ere, valui + INFINITIVE to be in good health, to be able
paulo a little bit
primo at first
quam how(in indirect questions+exclamations); than(w/ comparative words)
quantum how much, to what extent
satis enough, sufficiently
simul simultaneously
vehementer violently
extra + ACCUS. outside of
ne that, not to neither...nor
ut that, to
utinam if only
"me recipio." "I retreat."
"necesse est[+ DAT. & INF.]." "It is necessary for[someone to do something]."
aetas, aetatis, f. age
ars, artis, f. science, art, skill
auris, f. ear
fides, fidei, f. faith
frigus, frigoris, n. cold
genus, generis, n. type, kind
glacies, glacei, f. ice
gloria, ae, f. glory
iter, itineris, n. road, trip
libertas, libertatis, f. freedom
lingua, as, f. language, tongue
lumen, luminis, n. light
nix, nivis, f. snoq
onus, oneris, n. weight, burden
otium, i, n. leisure, free time
plus, pluris, n. more
plurimus, a, um mmost
potens, potentis powerful
publicus, a, um common
qualis, quale what sort of
studiosus, a, um + GENITIVE fond of
utilis, utile useful
unus, una, unum one
antiquus, a, um ancient
dissimilis, dissimile dissimilar
facilis, facile easy
gracilis, gracile slender
humilis, humile low
Latinus, a, um Latin, pertaining to Latin
maior, maius greater
maximus, a, um greatest
melior, melius better
minimus, a, um smallest
minor, minus smaller
optimus, a, um best
ornatus, a, um adorned
peior, peius worse
pessimus, a, um worst
plures, plura more
plurimus, a, um most
potens, potentis powerful
publicus, a, um common
qualis, quale what sort of
studiosus, a, um + GENITIVE fond of
utilis, utile useful
unus, una, unum one
addo, ere, addidi, additum to add
conor, conari, conatus sum to try
demitto, ere, demisi, demissum to send down
dominor, dominari, dominatus sum to dominate, rule
fero, ferro, tuli, latum to carry, bear
fio, fieri, factus sum to be made, become; to happen
fundo, ere, fudi, fusum to pour
hortor, hortari, hortatus sum to exhort, urge
labor, labi, lapsus sum to slide, slip, glide down
loquor, loqui, locutus sum to speak
malo, malle, malui to prefer
moderor, moderari, moderatus sum to manage, direct, guide
nolo, nolle, nlui not to want, to be unwilling
partior, pati, passus sum to endure, tolerate, suffer
pervenio, ire, veni, ventum to arrive
progredior, progredi, progressus sum to go forward, proceed
sequor, sequi, secutus sum to follow
traho, ere, traxi, tractum to drag
vereor, vereri, veritus sum ro fear, respect
volo, velle, volui to want
adhuc still, up to this time
Latine in Latin
magis more
minus less
tamquam as
tot so many
ubi? where?
vix hardly
quoties as often as
simul ac as soon as
res publica state
animum demitto to let my spirit sink, become dejected
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