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4th 9 wks test


when two substances combine chemically, they form what? a new molecule
lila was asked to determine the density of a block. the block was 4 cm on each side. the mass of the block was 6.4g. what is the density of the block? 1.6 g/cm3
when cynthia heated cold water, it increased in volume. what ws the most likely reason for the increase? the molecule in matter moves faster and moves farther apart as the matter is heated.
which of the following words will not be associated with chemical reation? dissolve
which of the following will determine will determine where an object will float in a colmn of different liquids? density
400 cg would make how many kg? 0.004
an old tanker crashed into a rodey shore and spilled the oil into the ocean. most of the oil floated on top of the water. What would be the best explaination of the floating of the surface. because the water is densier than tehe oil.
whydo carbonated soft drinks have fizz? carbon dioxide is dissolved with the drink.
Jason enjoys very sweet tea. He will continue to add sugar to the tea until some of the sugar will not dissolve into the tea. What term could be used to discribe the solution. saturated.
what would be the best way to separate the mixture of an iron filling and sand? use a magnet
if fat, grease, and oil is mixed with water,they will eventually separate. what is the best explaination for this? fat, grease and oil are insoluble in water
a student dropped a nut and bolt into a graduated cylinder with 50 mL of water. the water then measured 65 mL. what is the best explaination for why the volume increased? the mass of the nut and bold caused the water displacement.
aluminum foil is a very useful product. what property of metals makes the production of such a thin foil possible? it has some but not all of the properties of a metal.
what would be the best way to describe a metalloid? It has some but not all of the properties of a metal.
even though scientist have not been able to see parts of an atom until very recently, they knew that the parts existed. What is the best explaination for how the scientists know that parts of the atom exists? the scientist based their theory on all of the above.
why does a cake rise when it is baking? the ingredients of the batter react chemically producing gas.
a substance is tested for pH. the results show that the substance has a pH of 1. which of the following statements would best describe the substance tested? the substance is a strong alkali.
which of the following is not a property of an alkali? bitter taste
which of the following statements about the pH of the following substanceses most likely true? rainwater has a pH of 6.
most soil is a little acidic, and most plants grow well in the type of soil. Carlos tested the acid of the soil in the flower bed and found the soil had a pH of 7.8 what would carlos need to add to the soil to make sure the plants grew? vthealkali,lime
which of the following is a characteristic of an acid? has a pH of more than 7.
Created by: jonathancole.bms