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science final2

reproductive unit, inside the atom, motion and momentom

mascot fragile; immature
hero successful; does what is right
scapegoat hostile;defiant;angery
chief enabler covers up for addict
chemically dependent rigid, irresponsible; defensive
lost child withdrawn; loner
the only method of sobering up is time
stage of life from age 12-20 years. adolescence
when a person becomes physically able to reproduce. puberty
the structure in which the urethra passes in the male penis
the sperm moving to the from the testes to continue maturing epididymis
the tube that leads from the epididymis to the seminal vesicles vas deferens
the combinatio of three liquids and sperm together is called semen
the sack that holds the two testes is called the scrotum
the contains many feet of tubing in which the sperm first start to form testes
removal of foreskin from the tip of the penis circumcision
the first time a female menstruates is called menarche
the muscular opening from the uterus to the vagina is called the cervix
choosing to not have sexual intercourse abstinence
when the umbilical cord and placenta have formed the baby is called a fetus
a group of viruses that can ifect the genitals of both men and women hpv
caused by bacteria, symptoms include milky discharge from penis and yellow or bloody discharge from vagina accompanied by itching. can cause blindness in babies, sterility and death in women gonorrhea
infects through body fluids, weakens immune system. hiv/aids
caused by a virus,shows as painful sores. cant be cured, just treated. can damage central nervous system of babies. herpes
while some people have no first stage symptoms, others have discharge or burining feeling at urination. women can develop pid chlamydia
caused by bacteria, the first sign is a painless chancre sore syphyllis
contains only one kind of atom elements
an is the basic unit of matter atom
atomic mass of an atom consists of the mass of the protons and neutrons
isotopes are atoms of the same element that have a different number of neutrons
to find the number of neutrons in an isotope subtract the atomic number from the mass number
radioactive decay is the release of nuclear particles and energy
the changing of one element to another in radioactive decay is called transmutation
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