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Level I Final RW 2

Wang Level I Final RW 2

对不起,苹果和西瓜一共多少钱? Excuse me, how much are the apples and water melons in total?
你妈妈是法国人吗? Is your mom French?
她爸爸是日本人。 Her dad is Japanese.
你的笔和笔记本在哪里? Where are your pen and notebook?
祝你的爸爸生日快乐! Wish you Dad a happy birthday!
你吃汉堡包和薯条吗? Do you eat hamburgers and fries?
她是他的大学同学。 She is his college classmate.
姐姐很喜欢上街。 Older sister likes shopping very much.
你想买什么水果? What fruit do you want to buy?
我很饿,我想吃三明治。 I am very hungry, I want to eat sandwich.
我下午上中文课。 I go to Chinese class in the afternoon.
我喜欢喝果汁和冰茶。 I like to drink fruit juice and ice tea.
弟弟很爱吃冰淇淋。 Little brother loves to eat ice-cream very much.
明天是六月九日,星期四。 Tomorrow is Thursday, June 9th.
你渴不渴?你要喝水吗? Are you thirsty? Do you want to drink water?
你妹妹上小学几年级? What grade does your little sister go in elem. school?
我的学校不大不小。 My school is not big, not small.
他们能不能上车? Can they get in the car?
你们的英文老师是谁? Who is your English teacher?
他们卖什么饭?中国饭吗? What meal do they sell? Chinese food?
你喜欢吃草莓和橘子吗? Do you like to eat strawberries and oranges?
Created by: Croton Chinese