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Inequalities Test

review of concepts

Globalisation Increase in international communications and trade and the breaking down of national barriers
Sweat Shops Factories where employees are subjected to poor working conditions and low rates of pay
TNC Large businesses with a home business in one country that operate partially or wholly in other countries
Nation State The political unit of people living in a defined territory, with government authority over their economy, political organisations, and external security
HDI Human Development Index is an index used by the United Nations Development Program to create a measurement which takes into account more than just poverty - it combines scores on income per head, literacy rates, school enrollment and life expectancy.
What Numbers are the HDI Between? 0 and 1, where the highest score is 1
Global Market The concept that enables people to buy things all around the world
Global Village A concept suggesting we are all members of a world community, regardless of our national backgrounds and political systems
Sovereignty The right to rule; power to the nation
Trading Blocs Groups of countries that form a mutual trading relationship, giving preferences to members
Bilateral Trade Agreements When one country has a trade agreement with one other country
Multilateral Trade Agreements More than two countries joined together for trade purposes
Free Trade Allowance of the exchange of goods between countries without protection
Protection Any barrier to free trade. Tariff, Quota, Subsidy and embargo.
Tariff Tax on imported goods
Quota Limit on the amount of goods received
Subsidies Payment to people in own country to keep working
Embargo Ban on goods. eg. illicit drugs
Global Media Radio, television and print media companies with branches in many countries
Infant Mortality The probability of dying between birth and one year of age, expressed per 1000 live births
Life Expectancy The average number of years a person born at a particular time is expected to live
Literacy Rates Amount of people living in a country that can read and write their own language
GDP per capita The total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year divided by the total population of a country
Globalisation - Positives Get to know other countries cultures Variety of food and culture Allow sport relations with other countries Form alliances Cheaper goods Travel
Globalisation - Negatives Lose cultural identity/become all the same Change local economies Exploitation: eg. sweatshops Spread of diseases
Created by: Schnookms