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night of twisters

bufflement puzzlement, confused, frustrated
perished decay, die
haphazardly randomly, happening in a disorderly manner
crescendo gradually increasing in loudness
mortal causing death
debris scattered remains of something broken or destroyed
hypothermia a sickness caused by exposure to extreme cold
civilians a person who is not in the military, police or fire force
devastated destroyed or ruined
foundation the base of a building
bewildered confused, puzzled
evacuation to remove people from a place of danger
frantic excited with fear or worry
minor under legal age for adult
congestion obstruct by overcrowding
matron a woman supervisor in a school or police station
blurted having a sudden outburst
generator a machine that produces energy
humidity concentration of moisture in the air
barricade a structure to restrict entrance
casualty one who is injured or killed in a battle
priority put in order according to importance
spry active, lively, full of energy
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