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Grimes Grab Bag S2

Grimes-WG 2nd Semester Exam Review GRAB BAG

What is the Chunnel? UNDERGROUND TUNNEL
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? ENGLAND
The United Kingdom's four countries. WALES, SCOTLAND, N. IRELAND, AND ENGLAND
Two small Himalayan countries. NEPAL AND BHUTAN
The famous museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. HERMITAGE MUSEUM
This is the island off Australia. TASMANIA
This country has a north and south island. NEW ZEALAND
This is the most important monument in Ancient Greece. PARTHENON
This was a penal colony for Britain. AUSTRALIA
These persons in India are not part of the caste system. UNTOUCHABLES
These were the original inhabitants of North Africa. BERBERS
The industrial valley in Germany. RUHR VALLEY
An leader of the Indian Independence movement. MAHATMA GANDHI
Mostly Dutch settlers inhabiting South Africa. AFRIKANERS
These are the first humans in Australia. ABORIGINES
This European explorer claimed Australia and New Zealand for Great Britain. JAMES COOK
This leader of the African National Congress helping to end Apartheid. NELSON MANDELA
Country known for flooding in S.E. Asia BANGLADESH
Created by: mcgrimes



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