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Psych 101 Final

Psychology 101

Memory Location? Hippocampus
What stages did Erickson propose? 8 stages of psychosocial psychology
What school of psychology was established by John Watson? American Behaviorisim
What does a personality psychologist do? Identifies & measures human traits; determines influence on thought processes, feelings, and behaviors
How many people will experience a psych disorder in any given year? Slightly more than 1/4
What is a theory? Formulation of relationships underlying observed events.
What are needs? Needs are a state of deprivation.
Describe "flashbulb memories" Memories triggered by important events. Vividly detailed. (9-11)
What does the DSM-4 do? Classification system for psychological disorders; helps diagnosis.
What's another name for explicit memory? Declarative memory
What happened with the children who saw the bono doll being beat up? They beat up the bobo doll too.
Maslow's Hierarchy- Why must physiological needs be met? So we can progress towards higher needs
What stage of sleep do nightmares occur in? REM stage
Why do we have applied research? It's designed to find soltuions to specific or social problems
How many stages of sleep are there? 5 stages
What do glial cells do? Insulate, remove dead waste & neurons, direct neuron growth
What does "altered states of consciousness" refer to? Hynosis, drug use, meditation, etc
How do client centered therapists view the world? Aim to provide insight, free clients to engage in self exploration & expression
Skinner-- Why is reinforcement preferred over reward? Reinforcement doesn't suggest trying to "get inside the head" of the organism
Define "psychology" Psychology is the science of studying behavior and mental processes
When are learned responses extinguished? When the stimuli lose the ability to elicit a conditioned response
What are Carl Jung & Alfred Adler famous for? Jung- Collective unconscious Adler- Inferiority complex
What are the physical symptoms of a panic attack? Sweating, shortness of breath, pounding heart, choking sensations, nausea, chills
know the relationship between psychoanalysis & Sigmund Freud. Freud is the father of psychoanalysis.
Define "dissociative identity disorder". Multiple personalities.
Define 'Obsessive-compulsive disorder" (Like Monk, As Good As It Gets, etc)
What happens when habits are not reinforced? The habit will die.
Do we still have frontal lobotomies? No.
Know what Erickson did. Erickson fathered psychosocial development.
What did Pavlov research? Classical Conditioning/learned responses
When does the hippocampus mature Two years.
How do we respond to operant conditioning? The organism learns to engage in behavior because it is reinforced.
What is William James famous for? Founded functionalism
Gray matter & ventricles as related to schizophrenia. Less gray matter, larger ventricles.
What does extinction of conditioned response lead to? The conditioned stimulus becomes neutral.
Willheim Wundt founded what school of psychology? Structuralism
What are the three levels of consciousness? Conscious, preconscious, unconscious
Freud's thoughts on emotional release of tension? Catharsis
How is learning done in classical conditioning? (Pavlov) Associative learning that enables organisms to anticipate events.
Define "circadian rhythm". The body cycles as related to the 24 hour rotation of earth.
Stages of information processing & memory. (Skinner) 1. Sensory memory 2. Short-term memory 3. Long-term memory
Id & ego- define. Gratification, reality
Gestalt psychologists & how they think problem solving is accomplished. Focus on perspective/perceptions.
What did Freud first develop? Psychoanalysis
What makes up the "self"? Experience, self-esteem
Does suicide run in families? Yes
Skinner & his pigeons? Reinforcement-- operant conditioning
Client centered therapists. People are free to make their own choices.
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