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sat vocab 1

english vocab 73 out of 240

augment to add to, to increase, to make bigger
ascetic hermitlike, practicing self denial
anarchy absence of governemtn or control, lawlessness disorder
repudiate to reject, to deny
diligent hardworking
banal unoriginal ordinary
guile cunning, duplicity
squander to waste
incessant unceasing, neverending
deter to prevent, to stop, to keep from doing something
laudable worthy of praise
redudnant repetitive, unnecesarry, excesively wordy
infamous shamfully wicked, having and deserving a bad reputation
provacative exciting, attracting attention
depravity moral corruption
gravity seriousness
extol to praise
dogmatic arrogantly assertiv of unproven ideas, arrogantly claiming that something is beyong dispute
dissent disagreement
complacent smug, self-satisfied, pleased with oneself, contented to a fault
scrutinize to examine closely
solemn serious grave
disparate different incompatable
austere unadorned stern forbidding without much money
volition will, conscous choice
virulent extremely posionous, malignant full of hate
discord disagreement
resolute determined, firm, unwavering
deference submission to anothers will, respect, courtesy
reticent restrained, uncommunicative
prodigal extravagant, wasteful
fervor passion
vacillate to be indescisive, to waver backa nd forth
voluntary willing, unforced
didactic instructure, intended to instruct
resignation reluctant acceptance of a bad situation
alleviate to lessen, to relieve usualyl termporarily or incompletely
negligence carelessness
conspicuous standing out, obvious
advocate to speak in favor of, to support
profound deep, insightful
novel new, original
philanthropy love of mankind, donating to charity
tentative experimental, termporary, uncertain
aesthetic having to do qith artistic beauty, artistic
lucid clear, easy to understand
contempt reproachful disdain
superficial on the surface only, shallow, not thorough
condone to overlook, to permit to happen
acute sharp, shrewd
servile submissive and subservent, like a servant
ironic satiric, unexpected
pragmatic pratical, down to earth, based on experience rather than theory
heresy an opinion violently opposed to established beliefs
expedite to make faster or easier
insipid dull, banal
deride to ridicule, to laugh at contemptiously
euphony pleasent sound
dispassionate without passion, objective, neutral
divert to chagne the direction fo to alter the course of to amuse
dearth a lack of, scarcity
blithe carefree, cheerful
propriety properness, good manners
pasimony stinginess
nullify to make unimportant
gullible overly trusting willing to believe anything
enthrall to thrill
bias prejudice tendency tilt
authentic real
animated alive, moving
skeptical doubtful
rejuvenate to make yougn and strong again
marred damaged bruised
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