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end of year review

7th grade end of year review stack

The organelle in a cell that contains DNA and controls what the cell does Nucleus
Why is it a bad idea to eat in the lab your food can contaminate chemicals or the chemicals can get in your food and make you sick
what cellular organelle is responsible for breaking down glucose to make energy mitochondria
what cellular organelle is selectivly permiable and controls what goes in and out of the cell cell membrane
compounds that contain both carbon and hydrogen are organic
what organic compound is sugar? carbohydrate
responsible for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients for the body digestive system
transports oxygen to the body's cells circulatory system
this organelle creates food from sunlight during the process of photosynthesis chloroplast
this organelle gives a plant cell structure and support cell wall
this system controls hormones in the human body endocrine
this system protects and covers the body integumentary
a group of individuals from the same species living and a given geographical area population
a group of populations living in a given area community
the role an animal plays in it's environment including where it lives and what it eats Niche
the top of the water in an aquifer where the zone of aeration meets the zone of saturation water table
What term is used to describe an educated quess written before an experiemnt in the form of an if...then statement hypothese
the breaking apart of rock weathering
the movement or carrying away of sediment erosion
Deltas are an example of deposition
What kind of change occurs when the teeth physically chew the food physical
when stomach acid in the stomach breaks down food into smaller molecules chemical change
what is the energy transfer during photosynthesis radiant to chemical
what is the energy transfer from hamburger to human chemical to mechanical
The danger to this catastrophic event is flying debris. This event occurs with little warning and happens mainly in the central US Tornado
This catastrophic event can last for a few days and occurs on coastal areas hurricane
A wilting plant has low _____________ turgor pressure
the transport vessels in a plant that bring nutrients and water up from the soil xylem
What would be the quickest way to rid the body of a food born illness to maintain homeostasis vomit or throw up
This organelle can be related to a window screen, which lets air in but keep bugs out cell membrane
what organelle can be related to the UPS because they package and ship protiens golgi bodies
What organelle can be related to the white house because it controls our country nucleus
what should you do if you break glass during a lab tell the instructor
what do decomposers release when the eat/ break down dead matter in a compost bin? energy
If a person in san antonio pours the used oil from thier car in thier yard, where could this end up edwards aquifer
A mouse species lives in the desert.The dark mice are usually eaten by predators because they are easier to see than the lighter mice. what would happen to the population if a catastrophic event took away the top soil, revealing the darker soil underneith the mice population would favor the darker trait
this system rids the human body of waste excretory
this system includes the five senses and helps the body respond to internal and external stimuli nervous
the job something does function
the way something is built or made structure
an explination of things or events based on many observations theory
A group of cells that work together to perform a specific job tissue
a group of tissues that work together to perform a specific job organ
All organisms are made of one or more of these Cells
what scientific instrument could you use to view very small pond organisms? microscope
A general term for membrane bound structures found in a eukaryotic cell organelle
the heart and brain are examples of organs
Trail mix, Kool-aid and Blood are all examples of ________________ mixtures
hydrogen, oxygen and sulfur are all examples of Elements
two or more elements that combine chemically form a compound
what type of organic compound is found in the cell membrane? lipids
what piece of equipment would you use to measure the mass of a solid? triple beam balance
what piece of equipment would you use to measure the volume of a liquid graduated cylindar
what system gives shape and structure to the body and supports muscles and organs? skeletal system
an organ that relaxes and contracts muscle
this systems functions to move your body muscular
Anything that can cause a response in an organism stimulus
Day lenght chages causing tree leaves to change color, what is this an example of? external stimulus
the regulation of steady life maintaining conditions inside the human body homeostasis
this organ uses force to move blood through the body heart
these organs contract and relax to move your bones muscles
this system brings oxygen into the body and releases carbon dioxide respiratory
what three things must a plant have in order for photosynthesis to occur carbon dioxide, water and light
what two systems work together to get oxygen to your cells? respiratory and circulatory
Dr. Hobbs is looking at a skin cell under the microscope, where can he find the genetic material? nucleus
type of digestion that is the breaking and crushing of food mechanical
type of digestion that occurs when food is broken down into smaller molecules that the body can use chemical
controls and regulates the body's chemistry through hormones endocrine
functions to ensure survival of a species reproductive system
when you are running outside in the hot, June weather, this system helps your body cool down by responding to the internal and external environment nervous
this type of reproduction occurs with only one parent, where the offspring is genetically identical to the parent Asexual
this determins traits genes
the passing of traits from parent to offspring heredity
the study of heredity genetics
a small section of DNA on a chromosome that has information about a trait Gene
a distinguishing quality that can be passed from one generation to another trait
one form of a trait covers up or masks another dominance
the trait that is covered up by another form of that trait recessive
word to discribe an organism having one dominant gene and one recessive gene for a particular trait hybrid
when humans select which plant or animal will reproduce selective breeding
a new organism produced by reproduction offspring
seasonal movement of animals from one place to another migration
structure, behavior or other trait in an organism that helps it to survive in its environment adaptation
group of organisms that can mate and produce offspring that in turn can produce more offspring species
process by which organisms change over time as those with traits best suited to an environment pass their traits to the next generation natural selection
a deep sleep in which body systems reduce to minimal levels; helps some animal species survive winter hibernation
genes are found on chromosomes
according to Darwin, the key to natural selection is: successful reproduction
long, thick fur would help organisms living in what type of biome artic, because it is cold
Fish have tiny capilaries that filter the oxygen out of the water for them to use. what is this structure called? gills
how do hollow bones help birds making them lighter and more aerodynamic
a sequence of steps that allows the identification of a living thing dicotomous key
some animals, like fish and butterflies, have marks that look like eyes near thier back end. how can this help them survive the spots confuse the predator, allowing the animal more time to escape
all living and non-living things in a given area ecosystem
an organism that makes it's own food is known as producer
an organism that eats plants or other animals consumer
an organism that only eats plants herbivore or primary consumer
an organism that only eats other animals carnivore
shows the transfer of energy through an ecosystem food web, food chain, energy pyramid
a plants growth response to an external stimulus tropism
a plants growth due to gravity gravitropism or geotropism
a plants grwoth in response to light phototropism
a plant's growth in response to water hydrotropism
a plant's growth in response to touch thigmotropism
this catastrophic event can drown animals and pollute water systems flood
this catastrophic event happens along fault lines and plate boundaries. earthquakes
this catastrophic event can cause ash to build up in the atmosphere, blocking out the sun and enabling plants to photosynthesize volcanic eruption
this can start primary succession volcanic eruption with lava
the pioneer species for primary succession lichen and moss
the pioneer species for secondary succession grasses
a change in a community over time towards a more stable condition succession
this type of succession starts after a disturbance secondary
water that is found below the ground is in an aquifer
Texas is currently in a drought. therefore, we can assume that the water table has decreased or gone down
the area where the zone of aeration and the zone of saturation meet water table
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