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Latin Ecce II 54 P 1

Ecce Romani Vocabulary for Chapter 54 Part 1

candela, -ae, f. candle
coxa, -ae, f. hipbone
fortuna, -ae, f. fortune (good or bad)
harena, -ae, f. sand
inferiae, -arum, f. pl. offerings and rites in honor of the dead at the tomb
liberta, -ae, f. freedwoman
lucerna, -ae, f. lamp
nenia, -ae, f. lament, dirge
pompa, -ae, f. procession
vita, -ae, f. life
capilli, -orum, m. pl hair
inferi, -orum, m. pl the underworld, the gods of the underworld
meritum, -i, n. good deed; pl. services
mimus, -i, m. actor of mime, buffoon
monumentum, -i, n. monument, tomb
morbus, -i, m. illness
natus, -i, m. son
rogus, -i, m. funeral pyre
actor, actoris, m. actor
aequor, aequoris, n. sea
apparitor, appartoris, m. public servant
aquilo, aquilonis, m. north wind
cinis, cineris, m. ashes, dust (of the cremated body)
cor, cordis, n. heart
familiares, familiarium, m. pl. members of the household
fasces, fascium, m. pl. rods (symbols of service)
febris, febris, gen. pl., febrium, f. fever
gens, gentis, gen. pl., gentium, f. family, clan; pl. peoples
imago, imaginis, f. likeness, mask
laudatio, laudationis, f. speech of praise
lictor, lictoris, m. lictor, officer
maiores, maiorum, m. pl. ancestors
manes, manium, m. pl. spirits of the dead
munus, muneris, n. gift, service, gladiatorial show; pl., games
os, ossis, n. bone
pectus, pectoris, n. chest, breast
pistor, pistoris, m. baker
redemptor, redemptoris contractor
sermo, sermonis, m. conversation, talk
tibicen, tibicinis, m. piper
vispillo, vispillonis, m. undertaker
Created by: asparcel