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Exam Vocabulary

Latin Vocab

si quis if anyone
quis who?
qui, quae, quod who, which, that
si quid if anything
quid what?
ne quis that no one
amitto amittere, amisi, amissus to lose
solvo solvere, solvi, solutus to loosen
frango frangere, fregi, fractus to break
ago agere, egi, actus to do, drive
iungo iungere, iunxi, iunctus to join
cogo cogere, coegi, coactus to force
pareo parere, parui, pariturus to obey
intellego intellegere, intellexi, intellectus to understand
impero imperare, imperavi, imperatus to order
oro orare, oravi, oratus to beg
praecipio praecipio, praecepi, praeceptus to instruct
supero superare, superavi, superatus to overcome
cognosco cognoscere, cognovi, cognitus to learn
surripio surripere, surripui, surreptus to steal
sentio sentire, sensi, sensus to notice, feel
puto putare, putavi, putatus to think
spero sperare, speravi, speratus to hope
ostendo ostendere, ostendi, ostentus to show, point out
tollo tollere, sustuli, sublatus to lift, raise
constituo constituere, constitui, constitutus to decide
avis avis, m/f, bird
gens gentis, f, family
mos moris, m, custom
fides fidei, f, good faith, trust
spes spei, f, hope
salus salutis, f, safety
ventus venti, m, wind
senex senis, m, old man
consilium consilii, n, plan
vultus vultus, m, face
munera munerum, n pl, gift, gladitorial show
sol solis, m, sun
dives, divitis rich
pauper, pauperis poor
inscius, inscia, inscium unknowing
nonnulli, nonnullae, nonnulla some
carus, cara, carum dear, beloved
coorior cooriri, coortus sum, to rise up
adorior adoriri, adortus sum, to attack
sequor sequi, secutus sum, to follow
subsequor subsequi, subsecutus sum, to follow closely
labor labi, lapsus sum, to slip
progredior progredi, progressus sum, to advance
polliceor polliceri, pollicitus sum, to promise
moror morari, moratus sum, to delay, remain, stay
morior mori, mortuus sum, to die
vereor vereri, veritus sum, to fear
loquor loqui, locutus sum, to talk
admiror admirari, admiratus sum, to wonder at
hortor hortari, hortatus sum, to urge
cohortor cohortari, cohortatus sum, to urge
utor uti, usus sum, to use +ABL
potior potiri, potitus sum, to get possession of +ABL
vescor vesci,-----, to eat +ABL
fruor frui, fructus sum, to enjoy +ABL
fungor fungi, functus sum, to perform +ABL
arbitror arbitrari, arbitratus sum, to think
carpo carpere, carpsi, carptus, to pluck
muto mutare, mutavi, mutatus, to change
texo texere,texui, textus, to weave
fingo fingere,finxi, fictus, to make up
vivo vivere, vixi, victus, to live
accidit ut it happened that
munio munire, munivi, munitus, to fortify
pereo perire, perii, periturus, to perish
dubito dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatus, to doubt
remigo remigare, remigavi, remigatus, to row
evenio evenire, eveni, eventus, to happen, turn out
sero serere, sevi, satus, to sow
aro arare, aravi, aratus, to plow
spargo spargere, sparsi, sparsus, to scatter, sprinkle
columba columbae, f, dove
amentia amentiae, f, madness
dens dentis, m, tooth
aries arietis, m, ram
currus currus, m, chariot
coniunx coniugis, m/f, spouse
carmen carminis, n, song, charm
oratio orationis, f, speech
fauces faucium, f pl, jaws
praesidium praesidii, n, guard
remus remi, m, oar
dolus doli, m, trick
iugum iugi, n ,yoke
ala alae, f, wing
fraus fraudis, f, fraud
vellus velleris, n, fleece
usus usus, m, use
negotium negotii, n, task
opus operis, n, work
robur roboris, n, oak
fames famis, f, hunger
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