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Evolution Study guid

Mrs. Buckley Science

Charles Darwin: Who was he and what did he do? A scientist who came up with the idea of evolution by natural selection
Adaptations + Examples The tortoises and finches were noticibly different on different islands. They had different shells and beaks depending on the environment
Evolution + examples Darwin thought that species gradually changed over time like giraffe necks. It makes the species better adapted to new conditions
Natural selection + examples Makes certain individuals better adapted to their environment like finches from a rain forest versus a forest
Overproduction + examples Most species produce far more offspring than can possibly survive like lions
Competition + examples Since food and other resources are very limited the offspring has to compete to get food
Variations + examples Indivdual members of a species differ from one another in their individual traits. For example some turtles will swim faster than others.
Survival of the fittest Some variations allow individuals in a species to survive more easily than others. For example "fast swimming" turtles will survive more easily when first hatched than the slower swimming turtles
How a new species forms When a group of individuals remains separated from the rest of the group long enough to evolve different traits to survive in a different environment
Fossils as evidence Scientists use many different methods other than DNA to prove evolution , fossils as clues for evolution
Homologous structures + examples similar bone structure are evidence to a common ancestor, similar structures in organisms but used for different purpose depending on the environment they are in . Suggests a common ancestor
Similarities in embryos common ancestors
Similarities in DNA species inherits genes from common ancestor
Branching trees a diagram that shows how scientist think different groups of organisms are related
Explain what happened in Bird Buffet in terms of Darwin's theory and Darwin's finches nspired by observations of finches on the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin came up with an idea that is perhaps the most influential idea in all of science - natural selection.
Created by: missmee03