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Chapters 27-28

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary - Chapters 27-28

sol sun solis, m.
diligens, diligentis careful, diligent adjective
dissimilis, dissimile unlike, different adjective
gracilis, gracile slender, thin adjective
humilis, humile lowly, humble adjective
maior, maius greater, older comparative adjective
primus, a, um first, foremost superlative adjective
quot how many adjective
similis, simile similar, like adjective
superus, a, um above, upper superlative adjective
superi the gods superorum, m.
utilis, utile useful, advantageous adjective
pono to put, place; take off (of clothing) ponere, posui, positum
probo to approve; test probare, probavi, probatum
delectatio delight, pleasure delectationis, f.
cursus running, race; course cursus, m.
luna moon lunae, f.
occasio occasion, opportunity occasionis, f.
parens parent parentis, c.
stella star, planet stellae, f.
vesper evening; evening star vesperi/vesperis, m.
mortuus, a,um dead adjective
princeps, principis (gen) chief, foremost adjective
princeps leader, emperor principis, c.
ut + subj. in order that, so that conjunction
ne not; in order that not adverb and conjunction with the imperative and subjunctive
cedo to go, withdraw; yield cedere, cessi, cessum
dedico to dedicate dedicare, dedicavi, dedicatum
egeo (+ abl. or gen.) to lack, want, be in need egere, egui
expleo to fill, fill up, complete explere, explevi, expletum
praesto to excel; show; offer praestare, praestiti, praestitum
taceo to be silent tacere, tacui, tacitum
arma arms, weapons armorum, n.
nepos grandson, descendant nepotis, m.
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