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religion hartquist

the bread of life Jesus
to declare free of blame or absolve justify
joins us to the righteousness of God who justifies us Baptism
Challenged us to create a "culture of life" Pope John Paul II
special season to focus on what could make our lives more just Lent
________ is forgiveness of sins and return to goodness for which humans were created Justification
To live in accordance with Gods will free from guilt or sin is called _______- righteousness
turning away from sin and the things that keeps us from God is known as_____ Conversion
_____Moves and inspires us to live right and just lives The Holy Spirit
Lying under oath Perjury
Showing lack of reverance toward God and his name blasphemy
identifying certain objects with religious power superstition
putting other people or things in Gods place idolatry
the right to develop ones inteligence, and to seek and know the truth are examples of___ fundamental rights
the effects of personal sin over a period of time that affect society are called___ social sin
________ is the general development of spiritual and physical goods so all may benefit prosperity
society functions best when each person... respects each other as another self
jesus'____commandment is love your neighbor as yourself new
Gods name is___ so we must treat it with_____ holyl Respect
Created by: merker97