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Geography Revision

Top layer of the tropical rainforest Emergents
Below the emergents in the rainforest Canopy layer
Below the canopy layer in the rainforest Under Canopy
The lowest level of the rainforest Forest floor
Above the forest floor in the rainforest Shrub layer
Drip-tip leaves Pointy, waxy leaves angled down so water rolls off
Epiphyte Plant that feeds off other plants
Serve it, sell it Tertiary industry
Make it. Makes products from raw goods Secondary industry
Get it. Producing raw goods ie farming, mining... Primary industry
5 cities in Brazil Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Bahia
Heavy rainfall, possibly storms, tropical countries. Sun heats ground, warm air rises, cools and condenses, forms clouds Convectional rainfall
Frontal rainfall Cold air and warm air meet, warm rises above cold, cools, condenses and rains. Moderate to heavy rainfall
Rainfall involving mountains and rain shadows, common on the West coast of England Relief rainfall
The line on a climate graph Temperature, degrees Celsius
Precipitation on a climate graph In bars
Adaptations of plants in rainforest -Plants grow very quickly when exposed to direct sunlight -Buttress tree roots help support tall trees, and roots do not go down deep because the soil is most fertile on the top layer -Emergents have drip-tip leaves so the water doesn't stay at the top.
Created by: rachelalowe