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Latin Revision

a or ab from, by
quam! how!
qui who, which
quiesco, quiescere to rest
quis? who?
quo? where to?
quod because
quoque also
quamquam although
praetereo, praeterire to go past
cubitum to bed
albus white
circum about
peto, petere to seek, make for, aim for
procul far off
pernocto pernoctare to spend the night
mox soon
nox night
via road
volo, velle to wish, want
nolo, nelle to not want
possum, posse to be able to
sum, esse to be
soror sister
somnus asleep
frater brother
olim once
omnino altogether, entirely
saepe often
statim immediately
semper always
suus his, her, its, their own
surgo, surgere to get up
induo, induere to put on
iaceo, iacere to lie down
filia daughter
filius son
relinquo, relinquere to leave
discedo, discedere to depart
abeo, abere to go away
ago, agere to drive
rogo, rogare to ask
tandem at last, finally
tamen however
totus all, the whole
tum then
simul at the same time, together
soleo, solere to be accustomed to
ibi there
ubi? ubi where? where
redeo, redire to return
primus first
praeclarus famous, distinguished
porta, -ae gate
cibus food
cista chest
fero, ferre to bring, carry
auxilium help
severissimus very strict
sub under
ager, agris field
silva wood
nunc now
cuncti all
omnes all
nullus no
nemo no-one
nescio, nescire to not know
nam for
narro, narrare to tell (a story)
meridie at midday
cotidie everyday, daily
maneo, manere to stay, remain
hortus garden
haereo, haerere to stick
gaudeo, gaudere to be glad
doleo, dolere to be sad
hodie today
mane in the morning
ludus school
ludo, ludere to play
ceno, cenare to dine, have dinner
extraho, extrahere to pull out
extendo, extendere to hold out
exspecto, exspectare to wait for
etiam also, even
equito, equitare to horse-ride
enim for
eo, ire to go
lectus bed, couch
iterum again
itaque therefore
iter journey
interea meanwhile
iam now, already
igitur therefore
diu for a long time
deinde then
custodio, custodire to guard
conicio, conicere to throw
bibo, bibere to drink
bene well
bonus good
aut or
ante before
post after
civis citizen
We must remember every day Neuter plurals end in A
When we play the neuter game Nom and Acc are both the same
Created by: rachelalowe