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Final Exam Review

What is a hypothesis? A statement that makes a testable prediction.
This data can never be accurate. Projected population growth between now and 2050.
This is a part of the cryosphere. Ice formed on the rim of a pond in winter.
What function do decomposers provide in a food web? They transform dead organisms into organic matter.
What is an example of a perpetual resource? Tidal Energy.
When energy flows from one trophic level to the next higher level, what always happens? Most of the energy is lost through biological processes.
What does an anthropocentric view say? Emphasizes the importance of the environment for humanity.
What does a biocentric view say? Treats humans as part of the environment.
River water eroding a rocky bank and carrying silt to the sea is an example of what two spheres interacting? Hydrosphere and Lithosphere.
If a lion cannot find living prey, it may eat a found, dead carcass. What ecological phenomenon is the lion demonstrating? A species may participate in more than one trophic level.
Global climate change may be the result of what? The emission of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane into earth's atmosphere.
This element of ecosystems is an example of an abiotic factor? Water in an aquifer.
An official for the government hired to enforce the Resource Management Act would be responsible for this situation. An application to build a dam in New Zealand.
This is an example of a local sensor. Rain Gauge
This ecosystem produces more chemical energy per year at the producer level. Coral Reef
Where on the earth is the most oxygen stored for long periods of time? Rocks in the geosphere.
All ecosystems sharing a similar climate and similar dominant plants and animals is the definition of what? Biome
Which scientist was most responsible for alerting the public to the risks involved in DDT spraying? Rachel Carson
In a California woodland, a mistletoe plant gets its nutrition from live oaks. The oaks' health suffers as a result. What kind of symbiotic relationship does this example show? Parasitism
Reactions between industrial or automotive emissions and water vapor cause what? Acid Rain
What is the total mass of all the dry matter of all the organisms in an ecosystem called? Biomass
In an experiment, what is a variable that scientists can manipulate to observe its effects? Independent Variable
What is a density-independent factor that affects population size? Temperature
This system was founded on physical constants. Metric System
What organisms turn atmospheric nitrogen into organic nitrogen compounds? Nitrogen-Fixing Organisms
What insecticide became widely used as a crop pesticide and mosquito eradicator after World War II? DDT
Created by: kriccio
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