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Latin 2nd Sem. Exam

Latin II 2nd Semester Exam: Units 7, 8, 9, 10 vocab

diligentia diligence
lapis stone
libertas freedom, liberty
lux light
pictura picture
ruina downfall, collapse; ruins
statua statue
qui who
quae which
quod that
colo worship, cultivate, till
do give
submitto let down, furnish
itaque and so, and as a result
inter between, among
ob because of, on account of, for
aestas summer
arena arena, sand, desert, seashore
autumnus autumn, fall
gladiator gladiator
hiems winter
mundus world
pompa parade, procession
theatrum theater, amphitheater
ver spring
cogo collect, compel
conservo save, preserve
intermitto stop, interrupt
obtineo hold, obtain
permoveo move (deeply)
sto stand, stand up
nam for
avus grandfather
modus manner
pes foot
regnum kingdom, royal power
saxum rock
superbia arrogance, pride
mutatus changed
superbus haughty, proud, snobbish
relinquo leave behind, abandon
remaneo stay behind, remain
tamen nevertheless
caput head
celeritas speed, swiftness
corpus body
flumen river
nomen name
tempus time
vulnus wound
sanus sound, sane
cognosco learn, know
plico fold
ante before
bene well
fortasse perhaps
ante before (of time or place)
ac and
factum deed
fuga flight
spatium space, time
certus fixed, sure
paratus ready, prepared
timidus shy
ultimus farthest
adduco lead to, influence
antecedo go before
cerno discern, see
commoveo disturb
consulo consult
provideo foresee
puto think
traduco lead across
transporto transport
herba herb, grass
impedimentum hindrance; baggage
nihil nothing
saccus sack, bag
aperio open, uncover
expedio set free
impedio hinder
ligo bind, tie
verto turn
vinco conquer
carmen song
cera wax
clamor noise, shouting
ordo order, rank, row
pila ball
alius other, another
alter the other (of two), the second
neuter neither (of two)
nullus not any, no
solus only, alone
ullus any
uter which (of two)
cano sing
claudo close
frango break, shatter
iacio throw, hurl
lavo wash, bathe
civis citizen
civitas citizenship, state
cupiditas desire
finis end; borders, territory
hostis enemy
iter journey, road, march
labor work, hardship
mare sea
mons mountain
navis ship
pastor shepherd
uxor wife
vestis garment, clothes
conficio complete, exhaust
texo weave
canis dog
gaudium joy, gladness
ius right
libertas freedom, liberty
maritus husband
celer swift
facilis easy
fortis strong, brave
omnis all, every
par equal
sordidus dirty
rideo laugh (at)
tendo stretch
auctor author, writer
auctoritas authority, influence
casus fall, chance
exercitus (trained) army
fluctus wave
fulmen lightning
impetus attack
manus hand
senatus senate
virtus manliness, courage
familiaris of the family, friendly
confirmo make firm, encourage, establish
pello drive, defeat
respondeo answer
cor heart
focus hearth
inferi inhabitants of the Lower World
mors death
regia palace
hic, haec, hoc this
ille, illa, illud that
praeceps headlong, steep
devoro swallow
expello drive out
timeo fear, be afraid
pars part
passus pace
senator senator
is, ea, id this, that; he, she, it
communis common
incertus uncertain
mille thousand
remitto relax, send back
spero hope (for)
spiro breathe
dum while
aurum gold
genus birth, kind
supplicium punishment
idem, eadem, idem same
nobilis noble
edo eat
expugno capture by assault
intercipio intercept, cut off, steal
tango touch
tandem finally
cognomen nickname, surname
oculus eye
pons bridge
potestas power
ipse, ipsa, ipsum -self, very
delecto please
desilio jump down, dismount
sedeo sit
aetas age
dies day
neglegentia negligence
res thing, matter, affair
sapientia wisdom
species appearance
spes hope
aeger sick, ill
fidus faithful, reliable, loyal
maximus greatest
depono put down, lay aside
fallo deceive, disappoint
hospita guest
mulier woman
sermo talk, conversation
urbs city
alienus another's, unfavorable
gravis heavy, severe
ascendo climb (up), ascend
contendo struggle, hasten
opprimo overcome, surprise
placo please, calm
apud among, with
mensis month
princeps leader
telum weapon
vis force, violence; strength
levis light (in weight)
consisto stop, stand still
oportet it is fitting, it is necessary
ostendo show, stretch out
prohibeo prevent, keep from
bene well
iterum again, a second time
contra against, opposite
gens nation, family, class
labor work, hardship
munus duty, service, gift
frigidus cold
iustus just
intellego understand
nescio not know
sentio feel, realize
solvo loosen, pay
si if
consul consul
legatus envoy
plebs common people, plebians
desero desert
haereo stick, cling
insto threaten
reddo give back
acer sharp, keen, fierce
audax bold, daring
difficilis difficult, hard
potens powerful
similis like, similar
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