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Unit 7:14

Reproductive system (up dated -plus Foundation Assessment)

The lower temperature in the scrotum is essential for the production of sperm.
Testicular cancer occurs most frequently in men age 20-35
The tube that is cut to produce sterility in the male. The vas deferens
What produces an alkaline fluid that provides a more favorable environment for the sperm. prostate gland and Cowper’s glands
Two short tubes formed by the union of the vas deferens and the seminal vesicles. ejaculatory ducts
In the female what produces hormones that produce secondary sexual characteristics. ovaries
Fertilization usually takes place in the uterus.
The fallopian tubes are attached to the upper part of the uterus
The narrow bottom section of the uterus that attaches to the vagina is the cervix
The breasts contain lobes separated into sections by connective and fatty tissue
Acts as both a passageway and a temporary storage area for sperm. The vas deferens
The American Cancer Society recommends that men begin monthly testicular self-examinations at the age of 15
What can detect tumors or masses in the breast up to two years before the tumor or mass can be felt. Mammograms and ultrasonography
What carries both urine from the urinary bladder and semen from the reproductive tubes of the male. the urethra
The middle muscular layer of the uterus is the myometrium
An adult female should perform a breast self-examination how often? every month at the end of menstruation or on a scheduled day of the month after menopause.
If not treated, STIs (STD's) can cause serious chronic conditions and, in some cases, sterility or death.
The male gonads are the testes
The male tubes where the sperm mature and become motile are the epididymis
The male tubes that produce a thick, yellow fluid rich in sugar to nourish the sperm are the seminal vesicles
The gland in the male that contracts during ejaculation to aid in the expulsion of the semen into the urethra is the prostate gland
The proper name for the foreskin on the penis that is removed surgically during a circumcision is prepuce
Fingerlike projections on the ends of the fallopian tubes that help move the ovum are called fimbriae
The innermost layer of the uterus that deteriorates and causes the bleeding known as menstruation is the endometrium
The glands in the female that secrete mucus for lubrication during intercourse are the Bartholin’s glands
The two folds of fatty tissue covered with hair that enclose and protect the vagina are the labia majora
The proper term for the area between the vagina and anus in the female is the perineum
The sexually transmitted disease characterized by a greenish-yellow discharge, burning when urinating, sore throat, and swollen glands is gonorrhea
ovulation The release of an ovum from a follicle on the ovary is called
Viral infection that attacks the body’s immune system Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
An inflammation of the testes. Orchitis
Common condition in men over age 50 Prostatic hypertrophy
Condition that can be detected early by a Pap smear Cervical cancer
Growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus Endometriosis
STI (STD)caused by parasitic protozoa that results in a white or yellow foul-smelling discharge Trichomoniasis
STI (STD) caused by a spirochete that often starts with a painless chancre or sore Syphilis
Parasites that can be spread sexually or by clothing or bed linen Pubic lice
STI (STD) caused by a virus that creates fluid-filled vesicles that rupture and form painful ulcers Herpes
Inflammation of the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries Pelvic inflammatory disease
Common cause of cancer death with vague initial symptoms Ovarian cancer
STI (STD) caused by a specialized bacterium that lives as an intracellular parasite Chlamydia
Functions of the penis Male organ of copulation, deposits semen in the vagina, provides for elimination of urine from the bladder
A drop of silver nitrate or antibiotic is routinely placed in the eyes of newborn babies to prevent gonorrhea
What helps to move the ovum through the fallopian tubes toward the uterus peristalsis of muscles, cilia
Why are rugae present on the mucous membrane of the vagina? to allow the vagina to enlarge during childbirth and intercourse
What are ways to prevent contracting the AIDS virus. Use standard precautions, avoid high-risk sexual activities, use protective barriers during intercourse, avoid the use of drugs and sharing intravenous needles, avoid pregnancy if infected with AIDS
What two structures are located inside the scrotum? testes and epididymis
What is surgically removed during a circumcision? foreskin
Where does semen go immediately after passing through the ejaculatory ducts? urethra
What structure contains muscular tissue that contracts during ejaculation to aid in the expulsion of semen? prostate gland
Why is the scrotum located outside the body? the lower temperature is essential for sperm production
What is the function of the epididymis? to store sperm until they mature
Where in the male reproductive system is testosterone produced? testes
A man who receives a mumps vaccination is less likely to get orchitis
A 65 year old health male begins to have difficulty starting to urinate, urinary frequency, and nocturia. What MOST LIKELY is the cause prostatic hypertrophy
Occasionally, one or both testes do not descend properly before birth. This condition is known as: cryptorchidism
Testicular cancer is most common in what age? young adult men
The female gonads are the: ovaries
What happens when a follicle ruptures? ovulation occures
Where does fertilization of an ovum usually take place? in the fallopian tube
What reproductive structure is described as a hollow, muscular, pear-shaped organ? uterus
The top section of the uterus that provides for the attachment of the fallopian tubes is the fundus
During menstruation, the bleeding is the result of: deterioration of the endometrium
What part of the external female genitalia provides padding for the public bone? mons pubis
When does a woman experience lactation? after childbirth
At what age does the American Cancer Society recommend a baseline mammogram for women? 35-30 years old
What would cause a positive Pap smear? cervical cancer
A woman who is NOT sexually active could still develop: endometriosis
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome can be prevented by: avoiding risky behavior
This disease can be cured with antibiotics in the first two stages, but untreated, can cause damage to the heart, brain damage, mental disorders, deafness and blindness. What is the disease? syphilis
What do the initials PID stand for? pelvic inflammatory disease
Treatment for prostatic carcinoma includes radioactive seed implantation, estrogen therapy and prostatectomy
A viral infection that attacks the body's immune system Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
Condition that can be detected early by a Pap smear cervical cancer
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