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Chapters 1-19

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary - Chapters 1-19

me me pronoun
quid what pronoun
nihil nothing pronoun
non not pronoun
saepe often pronoun
si if pronoun
cogito to think cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatum
debeo to owe; ought debere, debui, debitum
do to give dare, dedi, datum
erro to wander, make a mistake errare, erravi, erratum
laudo to praise laudare, laudavi, laudatum
moneo to warn monere, monui, monitum
salveo to be well salvere
salve hello (singular)
salvete hello (plural)
conservo to preserve conservare, conservavi, conservatum
servo to save servare, servavi, servatum
terreo to terrify terrere, terrui, territum
valeo to be strong valere, valui, valiturum
video to see videre, vidi, visum
voco to call vocare, vocavi, vocatum
amo to love amare, amavi, amatum
forma form, beauty formae, f.
fortuna fortune, luck fortunae, f.
ira anger irae, f.
nauta sailor nautae, m.
patria fatherland patriae, f.
pecunia money pecuniae, f.
philosophia philosophy philosophiae, f.
poena penalty poenae, f.
poeta poet poetae, m.
porta gate portae, f.
puella girl puellae, f.
rosa rose rosae, f.
sententia thought, feeling sententiae, f.
vita life vitae, f.
antiqua ancient adjective
magna great, large adjective
mea my adjective
multa much adjective
tua your adjective
et and conjunction
et . . . et . . . both . . . and . . . conjunction
sed but conjunction
o o! interjection
sine without prep. + abl.
est is irregular verb
fama fame famae, f.
agricola farmer agricolae, m.
amica friend amicae, f.
amicus friend amici, m.
femina woman feminae, f.
filia daughter filiae, f.
filius son filii, m.
numerus number numeri, m.
populus people populi, m.
puer boy, child pueri, m.
sapientia wisdom sapientiae, f.
vir man viri, m.
avarus, avara greedy
pauci, paucae few plural adjective
Romanus, Romana Roman adjective
de down from, from; about prep. + abl.
in in prep. + abl.
hodie today adverb
semper always adverb
habeo I have habere, habui, habitum
satio I satisfy satiare, satiavi, satiatum
ager field, farm agri, m.
bellum war belli, n.
consilium plan, advice consilii, n.
cura care curae, f.
donum gift doni, n.
exitium destruction exitii, n.
magister teacher magistri, n.
magistra teacher magistrae, f.
mora delay morae, f.
nihil nothing
oculus eye oculi, m.
officium duty officii, n.
otium leisure, peace otii, n.
periculum danger periculi, n.
remedium cure remedii, n.
bellus, a, um pretty, handsome adjective
bonus, a, um good adjective
humanus, a, um human adjective
malus, a, um bad, evil adjective
parvus, a, aum small, little adjective
stultus, a, um foolish adjective
verus, a, um true adjective
iuvo to help iuvare, iuvavi, iuvatum
adiuvo to assist adiuvare, adiuvavi, adiuvatum
sum to be esse, fui, futurum
basium kiss basii, n.
animus mind, spirit animi, m.
animi pride, courage animorum, m.
caelum sky, heaven caeli, n.
culpa blame culpae, f.
gloria glory gloriae, f.
verbum word verbi, n.
te you pronoun
liber, libera, liberum free adjective
noster, nostra, nostrum our adjective
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful, handsome adjective
sanus, a, um sound, healthy adjective
igitur therefore conjunction
-ne (introduces a yes/no question) enclitic
propter on account of, because of prep. + acc.
cras tomorrow adverb
heri yesterday adverb
quando when conjunction
si quando if ever conjunction
satis enough, sufficient noun or adverb
tum then, at that time adverb
ceno to dine cenare, cenavi, cenatum
culpo to blame culpare, culpavi, culpatum
remaneo I remain remanere, remansi, remansum
maneo I remain manere, mansi, mansum
supero I overcome, am above superare, superavi, superatum
adulescentia youthfulness adulescentiae, f.
deus god dei, m.
discipula student discipulae, f.
discipulus student discipuli, m.
insidiae plot, ambush; treachery insidiarum
liber book libri, m.
tyrannus tyrant tyranni, m.
vitium crime, fault, vice vitii, n.
Graecus, a, um Greek adjective
perpetuus, a, um perpetual, lasting adjective
plenus, a, um full (of), abundant, generous adjective
salvus, a, um safe, sound adjective
secundus, a, um second; favorable adjective
vester, vestra, vestrum your (plural) possessive adjective
-que and enclitic conjunction
ubi where; when conjunction
ibi there adverb
nunc now adverb
quare why; therefore adverb
possum to be able posse, potui
tolero to bear, endure tolerare, toleravi, toleratum
dea goddess deae, f.
carmen song carminis, n.
civitas state, citizenship civitatis, f.
corpus body corporis, n.
homo person, man hominis, m.
labor work, labor laboris, m.
littera letter of the alphabet litterae, f.
litterae letter (epistle); literature litterarum, f.
mos custom, habit moris, m.
mores character morum, m.
nomen name nominis, n.
pax peace pacis, f.
regina queen reginae, f.
rex king regis, m.
tempus time temporis, n.
terra earth, ground terrae, f.
uxor wife uxoris, f.
virgo maiden, virgin virginis, f.
virtus manliness; courage; virtue virtutis, f.
novus, a, um new adjective
post after, behind prep. + acc.
sub under, underneath prep. + abl. & acc.
audeo to dare audere, ausus sum
neco to kill necare, necavi, necatum
amor love amoris, m.
copia abundance, supply copiae, f.
copiae supplies; troops copiarum, f.
frater brother fratris, m.
laus praise laudis, f.
libertas freedom libertatis, f.
ratio reason; method rationis, f.
scriptor writer scriptoris, m.
soror sister sororis, f.
victoria victory victoriae, f.
dum while conjunction
ad to, toward; at prep. + acc.
ex out of, from; because of prep. + abl.
e out of, from; because of prep. + abl.
numquam never adverb
tamen nevertheless, still adverb or conjunction
ago to lead; do; act agere, egi, actum
ago gratias to give thanks phrase
demonstro to point out; demonstrate demonstrare, demonstravi, demonstratum
disco to learn discere, didici
doceo to teach docere, docui, doctum
duco to lead ducere, duxi, ductum
gero to carry; manage; wage gerere, gessi, gestum
scribo to write scribere, scripsi, scriptum
traho to drag trahere, traxi, tractum
vinco to conquer vincere, vici, victum
Cicero Cicero Ciceronis, m.
loca places, region locorum, n.
loci passages in literature locorum, m.
morbus disease morbi, m.
studium eagerness, zeal; study studii, n.
hic, haec, hoc this; the latter demonstrative
ille, illa, illud that; the former; the famous demonstrative
iste, ista, istud that of yours; that; such demonstrative
alius, a, ud other, another adjective
alter, altera, alterum the other, second adjective
neuter, neutra, neutrum not either, neither adjective
nullus, a, um not any, no, none adjective
solus, a, um alone, only, the only adjective
totus, a, um whole, entire adjective
ullus, a, um any adjective
unus, a, um one, single, alone adjective
uter, utra, utrum either, which (of two) adjective
enim for conjunction
in into, toward; against prep. + acc.
nimis too, too much, excessively adverb
locus place; passage in literature loci, m.
cupiditas desire cupiditatis, f.
hora hour, time horae, f.
natura nature naturae, f.
senectus old age senectutis, f.
timor fear timoris, m.
veritas truth veritatis, f.
via way viae, f.
voluptas pleasure voluptatis, f.
beatus, a, um happy adjective
quoniam since conjunction
cum with prep. + abl.
audio to hear, listen to audire, audivi, auditum
capio to take, capture capere, cepi, captum
dico to say dicere, dixi, dictum
facio to do, make facere, feci, factum
fugio to feel, escape fugere, fugi, fugiturum
venio to come venire, veni, ventum
invenio to find invenire, inveni, inventum
vivo to live vivere, vixi, victum
amicitia friendship amicitiae, f.
consul consul consulis, m.
nemo no one nullius, nemini, neminem, nullo/nulla
ego I pronoun; mei, mihi, me, me
tu you pronoun; tui, tibi, te, te
is, ea, id he, she, it pronoun
idem, eadem, idem the same identical pronoun
amicus, a, um friendly adjective
carus, a, um dear adjective
quod because conjunction
neque, nec and not, nor conjunction
neque . . . neque . . . neither . . . nor . . . conjunction
nec . . . nec . . . neither . . . nor . . . conjunction
autem however; moreover postpositive conjunction
bene well adverb
etiam even, also adverb
intellego to understand intellegere, intellexi, intellectum
mitto to send mittere, misi, missum
sentio to feel, think sentire, sensi, sensum
caput head capitis, n.
annus year anni, m.
Asia Asia Minor Asiae, f.
Caesar Caesar Caesaris, m.
mater mother matris, f.
medicus doctor medici, m.
pater father patris, m.
patientia patience, suffering patientiae, f.
principium beginning principii, n.
acerbus, a, um bitter, harsh adjective
pro before, in front of; for the sake of prep. + abl.
diu for a long time adverb
nuper recently adverb
amitto to lose amittere, amisi, amissum
cado to fall cadere, cecidi, casurum
creo to create creare, creavi, creatum
adulescens young man; young woman adulescentis, m/f
factum deed facti, n.
signum sign signi, n.
ipse, ipsa, ipsum -self, the actual, the very intensive pronoun
quisque, quidque each indefinite pronoun
sui, sibi, se, se -self reflexive prounoun
doctus, a, um learned adjective
fortunatus, a, um fortunate adjective
suus, a, um -self's own reflexive possessive adjective
nam for conjunction
ante before prep. + acc.
per through; by (with the reflexive) prep. + acc.
olim once, at that time (past or future) adverb
alo to nourish alere, alui, altum
diligo to love diligere, dilexi, dilectum
iungo to join iungere, iunxi, iunctum
sto to stand stare, steti, statum
divitiae riches divitiarum, f.
aqua water aquae, f.
ars skill, art artis, f.
auris ear auris, f.
civis citizen civis, c.
ius right, justice, law iuris, n.
mare sea maris, n.
mors death mortis, f.
nubes cloud nubis, f.
os face, mouth oris, n.
pars part partis, f.
Roma Rome Romae, f.
turba uproar; crowd turbae, f.
urbs city urbis, f.
vis power vis, f.
vires strength virium, f.
a away from, from; by prep. + abl.
ab away from, from; by prep. + abl.
trans across prep. + acc.
appello to speak to, address appellare, appellavi, appellatum
curro to run currere, cucurri, cursum
muto to change mutare, mutavi, mutatum
teneo to hold tenere, tenui, tentum
vito to avoid vitare, vitavi, vitatum
animal animal animalis, n.
memoria memory memoriae, f.
tempestas season; weather; storm tempestatis, f.
unus, una, unum one cardinal number
duo, duae, duo two cardinal number
tres, tria three cardinal number
quattuor four cardinal number
quinque five cardinal number
sex six cardinal number
septem seven cardinal number
octo eight cardinal number
novem nine cardinal number
decem ten cardinal number
undecim eleven cardinal number
duodecim twelve cardinal number
tredecim thirteen cardinal number
quattuordecim fourteen cardinal number
quindecim fifteen cardinal number
sedecim sixteen cardinal number
septendecim seventeen cardinal number
duodeviginti eighteen cardinal number
undeviginti nineteen cardinal number
viginti twenty cardinal number
viginti unus twenty one cardinal number
viginti duo twenty two cardinal number
viginti tres twenty three cardinal number
viginti quattuor twenty four cardinal number
viginti quinque twenty five cardinal number
primus, a, um first ordinal number
secundus, a, um second ordinal number
tertius, a, um third ordinal number
quartus, a, um fourth ordinal number
quintus, a, um fifth ordinal number
sextus, a, um sixth ordinal number
septimus, a, um seventh ordinal number
octavus, a, um eighth ordinal number
nonus, a, um ninth ordinal number
decimus, a, um tenth ordinal number
undecimus, a, um eleventh ordinal number
duodecimus, a, um twelfth ordinal number
centum one hundred cardinal number
mille one thousand cardinal number
milia thousand(s) miliorum, n.
miser, misera, miserum miserable, wretched adjective
inter between, among prep. + acc.
itaque and so, therefore adverb or conjunction
committo to entrust committere, commisi, commissum
exspecto to look for, expect, wait for exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatum
iacio to throw, hurl iacere, iacui, iactum
eicio to throw out, drive out eicere, eieci, eiectum
timeo to fear timere, timui
Italia Italy Italia, f.
auditor hearer, listener auditoris, m.
clementia mildness, mercy clementiae, f.
mens mind, though, intention mentis, f.
satura satire saturae, f.
acer, acris, acre sharp, keep; severe adjective
brevis, breve short, small, brief adjective
celer, celeris, celere swift, quick adjective
difficilis, difficile hard, difficult adjective
dulcis, dulce sweet, pleasant adjective
facilis, facile easy, agreeable adjective
fortis, forte strong, brave adjective
ingens, ingentis huge adjective
iucundus, a, um pleasant, delightful adjective
longus, a, um long adjective
omnis, omne all, every adjective
potens, potentis able, powerful adjective
senex, senis old, aged adjective
senex old man senis, m.
quam how adverb
rego to rule, guide, direct regere, rexi, rectum
aetas age aetatis, f.
libellus little book libelli, m.
qui, quae, quod who, which, that relative pronoun
caecus, a, um blind adjective
levis, leve light, easy; trivial adjective
aut or conjunction
aut . . . aut . . . either . . . or . . . expression
cito quickly adverb
quoque also, too adverb
admitto to admit, receive admittere, admisi, admissum
coepi began coepisse, coeptum
cupio to desire cupere, cupivi, cupitum
deleo to destroy delere, delevi, deletum
desidero to desire, miss desiderare, desideravi, desideratum
incipio to begin incipere, incepi, inceptum
navigo to sail navigare, navigavi, navigatum
neglego to neglect, disregard neglegere, neglexi, neglectum
recito to read aloud, recite recitare, recitavi, recitatum
flumen river fluminis, n.
genus origin; kind, type generis, n.
hostis an enemy hostis, m.
hostes the enemy hostium, m.
ludus game; school ludi, m.
probitas honesty, uprightness probitatis, f.
scientia knowledge scientiae, f.
clarus, a, um clear, bright; famous adjective
mortalis, mortale mortal adjective
cur why? adverb
deinde thereupon, then, next adverb
fluo to flow fluere, fluxi, fluxum
lego to pickout; read legere, legi, lectum
misceo to mix, stir, disturb miscere, miscui, mixtum
moveo to move movere, movi, motum
videor to seem videri, visus sum
auctor author, originator auctoris, m.
Graecia Greece Graeciae, f.
iudex judge, juror iudicis, m.
scelus crime; sin sceleris, n.
argumentum argument; proof, evidence argumenti, n.
certus, a, um benefit, kindness beneficii, n.
familia family, household familia, f.
Graecia Greece Graeciae, f.
iudicium judgment, decision; trial iudicii, n.
scelus crime; sin sceleris, n.
delecto what? which? interrogative adjective
gravis, grave to prepare; provide; get, obtain parare, paravi, paratum
immortalis, immortale immortal adjective
at but conjunction
nisi unless, if . . . not conjunction
contra against prep. + acc.
iam now, already, soon adverb
delecto to delight, charm delectare, delectavi, delectatum
libero to free, liberate liberare, liberavi, liberatum
paro to prepare; provide; get, obtain parare, paravi, paratum
quis? quid? who? what? interrogative pronoun
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