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Chapters 14-15

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary - Chapters 14-15

ars skill, art artis, f.
auris ear auris, f.
civis citizen civis, c.
ius right, justice, law iuris, n.
mare sea maris, n.
mors death mortis, f.
nubes cloud nubis, f.
os face, mouth oris, n.
pars part partis, f.
Roma Rome Romae, f.
turba uproar; crowd turbae, f.
urbs city urbis, f.
vis power vis, f.
vires strength virium, f.
a away from, from; by prep. + abl.
ab away from, from; by prep. + abl.
trans across prep. + acc.
appello to speak to, address appellare, appellavi, appellatum
curro to run currere, cucurri, cursum
muto to change mutare, mutavi, mutatum
teneo to hold tenere, tenui, tentum
vito to avoid vitare, vitavi, vitatum
animal animal animalis, n.
memoria memory memoriae, f.
tempestas season; weather; storm tempestatis, f.
unus, una, unum one cardinal number
duo, duae, duo two cardinal number
tres, tria three cardinal number
quattuor four cardinal number
quinque five cardinal number
sex six cardinal number
septem seven cardinal number
octo eight cardinal number
novem nine cardinal number
decem ten cardinal number
undecim eleven cardinal number
duodecim twelve cardinal number
tredecim thirteen cardinal number
quattuordecim fourteen cardinal number
quindecim fifteen cardinal number
sedecim sixteen cardinal number
septendecim seventeen cardinal number
duodeviginti eighteen cardinal number
undeviginti nineteen cardinal number
viginti twenty cardinal number
viginti unus twenty one cardinal number
viginti duo twenty two cardinal number
viginti tres twenty three cardinal number
viginti quattuor twenty four cardinal number
viginti quinque twenty five cardinal number
primus, a, um first ordinal number
secundus, a, um second ordinal number
tertius, a, um third ordinal number
quartus, a, um fourth ordinal number
quintus, a, um fifth ordinal number
sextus, a, um sixth ordinal number
septimus, a, um seventh ordinal number
octavus, a, um eighth ordinal number
nonus, a, um ninth ordinal number
decimus, a, um tenth ordinal number
undecimus, a, um eleventh ordinal number
duodecimus, a, um twelfth ordinal number
centum one hundred cardinal number
mille one thousand cardinal number
milia thousand(s) miliorum, n.
miser, misera, miserum miserable, wretched adjective
inter between, among prep. + acc.
itaque and so, therefore adverb or conjunction
committo to entrust committere, commisi, commissum
exspecto to look for, expect, wait for exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatum
iacio to throw, hurl iacere, iacui, iactum
eicio to throw out, drive out eicere, eieci, eiectum
timeo to fear timere, timui
Italia Italy Italia, f.
aqua water aquae, f.
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