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Chapters 10-11

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary - Chapters 10-11

hora hour, time horae, f.
natura nature naturae, f.
senectus old age senectutis, f.
timor fear timoris, m.
veritas truth veritatis, f.
via way viae, f.
voluptas pleasure voluptatis, f.
beatus, a, um happy adjective
quoniam since conjunction
cum with prep. + abl.
audio to hear, listen to audire, audivi, auditum
capio to take, capture capere, cepi, captum
dico to say dicere, dixi, dictum
facio to do, make facere, feci, factum
fugio to feel, escape fugere, fugi, fugiturum
venio to come venire, veni, ventum
invenio to find invenire, inveni, inventum
vivo to live vivere, vixi, victum
amicitia friendship amicitiae, f.
consul consul consulis, m.
nemo no one nullius, nemini, neminem, nullo/nulla
ego I pronoun; mei, mihi, me, me
tu you pronoun; tui, tibi, te, te
is, ea, id he, she, it pronoun
idem, eadem, idem the same identical pronoun
amicus, a, um friendly adjective
carus, a, um dear adjective
quod because conjunction
neque, nec and not, nor conjunction
neque . . . neque . . . neither . . . nor . . . conjunction
nec . . . nec . . . neither . . . nor . . . conjunction
autem however; moreover postpositive conjunction
bene well adverb
etiam even, also adverb
intellego to understand intellegere, intellexi, intellectum
mitto to send mittere, misi, missum
sentio to feel, think sentire, sensi, sensum
caput head capitis, n.
cupiditas desire cupiditatis, f.
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