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Performance History II Final

Off-Broadway Movement 1959 Ford Foundation Grants 1965 The NEA Questions/Goal - Relationship between theatrical forms and reality. Connection btw. actor and character. Role of the audience. Is art a social function? (Lincoln Center, 1965 example for not-for-profit theate
Off-Off Broadway October 1960, Ubu Roi at Greenwich Village Theater Coined by Jerry Talmer Less commercial
Regional Theater Movement Stage 47 in Dallas, TX / Margo Jones Alley Theater in Huston / Nina Vance Arena Stage in D.C. / Zelda Fitzcandler Actor's Workshop in San Francisco / Irving Blau
Living Theater 1947 - Judith Molina and Julian Beck Mission: To aid the audience to become a congregation of choral ecstasy of reading and response. Social problem plays and "Paradise Now" MARIJUANA
Judson Dance Theater Progressive politics form 1930s to 60s Visual art and dance art Postmodern Dance 200 dances from 1962 to -64
Postmodern Dance METHODS Formalist Disruption of formalist power No choreography Move away from personal style and imitation of masters Other media / found material Whatever aleatory methods of indeterminacy
Yvonne Rainer NOT MARTHA GRAHAM No anything, ever....except for formalism. ......Trio A......
Nigeria Independence in 1960 from Britain. 250 ethnic groups Glee group singing and play
South Africa Protest plays - Athel Thugard Independent 1910 and Apartheid ends in 1990.
Egungun Festival (Nigeria) Planting season (spring) Means "bone" of "skeleton" Refers to the collective spirits of ancestors. Priests invoke ancestors with costumes, drumming and improvisation and drugs. Informal setting - circle of people the dirt...
Alarinjo Theater 17th C. Court of Oyo Yoruba kingdom. Secret guild system for training. Dance spectacle to show off money.
Yoruba Opera Alarinjo and music hall from England Glee-Group signing, play (satire or topical story with dialogue, ends with glee singing). Known story based off of conventions. Contemporary: 1980s 120 companies Mix of traditional and modern and Yoruba and englis
Hubert Ogunde Founder of Yoruba. Wrote plays and professional company Plays: "The Garden of Eden and the Throne of God" and "Strike and Hunger" Form (refernce Yoruba Opera card)
John Osborne 1929 - 1994 "Look Back in Anger" - 1956 known as angry monologue Angry Young Men - school writing Questioned the class system.
Joan Littlewood 1914 - 2002 (Theater Workshop) -> Founded in 1945 to offset commercial theater in London. Ex: "Oh What A Lovely War" - Questioned WW1 and WW2
Devised Theater Political Objectives: For locals Theater isn't text-based Collaborative Artist-centered
Harold Pinter 1930 - 2009 "The Dumb Waiter" "The Homecoming" "Old Times" Characterized by "Pinteresque pause, silence, subtext, undefined danger and realistic setting" Temporal echoes "Battle rapping"
Created by: Ungodlydemon



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