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sublime lofty
Placid calm
circum around
abate to lessen
omni all
spec look
dict say
semi half
venerate to respect
countenance facil expression
mal bad
inter between
bell war
cise cut
audi hear
aqua water
manifest obvious
cide kill
acute sharp
visage the face
pend hang
odious hateful
tremulous quivering
melancholy sadness
ex out
dis away
ante before
post after
grotesque distorted
profound deep
condescend to patronize
clamor outcry
pre before
re again
cede go
miss send
equi equal
bi two
singular unique
exquisite beautifully made
prodigious huge
serene calm
perplex confuse
incredulous skeptical
un not
amiable friendly
scrib write
languor weakness
CRED believe
repose resting
sym together
de down
super over
sub under
Created by: millierose