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Marano Weather 2

air mix of gases many of tiny molecules that press against whatever is holding it in place
air pressure all the air molecules pushing on you
The higher up you are the (lower, higher) the air pressure lower
barometer measures air pressure
mercury barometer long glass tube filled with mercury and placed, open end down, in a dish or mercury
aneroid barometer a flat metal box that has a vacuum chamber, the higher the pressure the more the box is squeezed together
atmosphere (atm) average pressure exerted by the Earth's atmosphere at sea level
Torr pressure needed to push a column of Mercury up 1 mm or millibar (mb)
Rising pressure usually signals the approach of ____ weather fair
Falling pressure mean that _____ a storm is approaching
moisture= ____ presssure low
The greater the temperature, the _____ the pressure. lower
High pressure will always move to ____ pressure. low
Horizontal movement of air parallel to the Earth's surface is ________. wind
two parts in which wind is measured speed and directions
wind speed is measured with an anemometer
Wind speed is measured in knots
wind direction is measured with a weathervane
weathervane points to where the wind is (coming from, going) going
Wind is named by whre the wind (came from, is going) came from
Water needs a lot (more or less energy) to raise its temperature 1 degree and a lot more energy needs to be lost for it to lose 1 degree C. more energy
By day, sea breeze water is _____, land is _____. colder, warmer
By day sea breeze- pressure moves from (high, low) pressure to (high, low) pressure causing a sea breeze. high, low
The Equator is hot and wet= ____ pressure. Winds will ____ the Equator low, come to
Lighter air from the Equator then (rises, drops) rises
As the air from the Equator rises, it will cool and drop to form a _____. convection cell
Coriolis effect Because the Earth rotates, winds are deflected to the right in the Northern Hemisphere, and deflected to the left in the Southern Hemisphere
Created by: seagullq