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Vocab Words

Hubris/Pride Pride or Arrogance; axcess of amibition, pride, etc.
Catharsis The purging of the emotions or relieving or emotional tensions
Reversal of Fortune A negative turn of luck
Discredit To deprive of good repute
Treason The offense of acting to overthrow one's gov.
Inquiry A request for information
Blasphemy Impious utterance or action concerning god or sacred things.
Vanity Excessive pride in one's appearance, abilities
Recognition Identification of something you have seen previously Identification of something you have seen previously
Arrogance An attitude os superiority manifested in an overbreaking manner or in presumptous claims or assumptions.
Remedy Something that cures or relieves a diesease
Wretched In poor or pitiful circumstances, characterized by or causing misery
Avenge To take vengeance on behalf of or exact satisfaction, to get even with
Oracle Obscure, giving by a priest or priestess at a shrine as the response of a god to an inquiry.
Reverent Feeling or showing deep and solemn respect
Exile A person banished from his or her native land
Ponder To consider something deeply and throughly
Dignity Nobility or elevating or character; worthiness of dignity of sentiments
Vague Something not clearly shown and not expressed clearly
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