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Science - Eye Quiz

What is the part of our eye where the image reflects on? Retna
What is the pupil? The hole/gap where light and an image goes through to get to the retna.
What does near-sighted/far-sighted mean? Your eye is to long and the image is focused in front of the retna; this makes you see farther not as clear as up close. Your eye is short on size and the image is focused behind of the retna; this makes you see closer not so clear as far away.
What do your rods/cones do? Rods collect light, and are placed on the retna. They pick up light to show black, white, and grey. Cones collect light and are placed with the rods on the retna. They pick up light to show color.
How does your brain get involved with you seeing an image? You first see things upside down on your retna, then this will signal the brain to flip the image. This makes the image right-side-up.
What is your iris? It is the colored part of your eye. It is a muscle that contracts and widens depending on the light. It controls the size of the pupil.
What size is your pupil when its dark out/bright out? Dark Out: Very wide because it needs to collect more light to see things. Bright Out: Small because a the pupil doesn't have to be very big to collect the light if its nice and bright out.
What covers and protects the eye? A clear covering called the cornea covers and protects the eye.
What is the eye a part of? The 5 senses.
How does a message from your eye go to your brain? Through the optic nerve.
Created by: vballmaster26