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Science ch.21

vocab words

groundwater any water from natural resources found underground
hydrolic system natural water cycle
water table the level below which the ground is saturated with ground water
spring where a water table intersects with the ground
zone of aeration zone within the ground above a water table of which the spaces between soil particles are filled with air
zone of saturation ground below the water table
capillary frings the zone within soil horizons imediatley above the zone of saturation
porous having many small open spaces
permeable describes rock where size and numbers of interconnected probes are sufficient
impermeable describes a rock of which liquids and gas cannot penetrate
perched water table a second water table perching on top of an impermeable layer
artesian well a well sunk into a rock where pressure pushes the water back upwards
cone of depression an inverted cone-shaped lowering water table
recharge zone an area where rain water and stream water seep through the ground to resupply groundwater
solvent a substance that breaks down other substances into their constituent particles
cave an underground tunnel or chamber
dripstone cave deposits that are formed by precipitation
flowstone cave formation containing depostits keft by a thin film of water
speleotherm any cave formation deposited by dripping or flowing water
stalacite a mineral formation hanging from the ceiling of a cave
column a cave formation that forms when a stalagmite merges with a stalagcite
curtain a thin sheet of dripstone that hanges from the ceiling of a cave
shield a flat rounded deposite of calcium carbonate attached to a cave ceiling, wall, or floor
bacon a stripped ribbon of flowstone in a cave that looks like strips of salted bacon
shelf a cave formation of flat deposites of calcite that precipitated on the surfce of salted water
spelunker a person who explores and maps caves as a hobby
karst topography topography in soluble nonclastic sedimentary rocks
sinkhole a depression in the ground that occurs when the roof of a solutionable cave collapses at a single point
natural bridge a selection of stone that arches over a narrow walled valley
disapearing bridge *(NO defiition found)*
streamless valley A karsk valley that contains an abandoned stream bed
appearing stream a stream that seems to flow directly out of a hillside