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Old World Wines

Germany, France, Italy and Spain

What is the noble grape of Germany? Reisling
What are the white grapes of Germany? Reisling, Sylvaner, Mueller-Thurgau,and Gewurtztramener
What are the red grapes of Germany? Drakkensbloot,and Liebfraunschmidt,
What is Seet? German champagne
What are the two ratings for domestic consumption of German wines? Rafelevein and Landween
What is the next highest rating? And the best? Next highest: QmA Highest:QmP
What are the ratings of QmP? Driest -> Sweet: Kabineet, Spatlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Eisvein, and Trochenbecrenauslese
Name geography from Region to Vineyard. Anbangebiet(region), Bereich (District), Village, Grosslagen (Collective Vineyard), Eingallagen.
Where is Mosel-Saar and what is it known for? Germany Best German Wines Riesling. Mueller-Thurgau Green Bottles
Where is Rheingau and what is it known for? Germany South facing vineyards Reisling, Spatensergunder Home to Gausscaheiw College Brown Bottle
Where is Rheinhessen/Nahe/Pfalz and what are they known for? Germany Nake: Blue bottle Rheinhaussen: Brown Bottle
What is a franken bottle? Goat testicle.
Are Reislings terroir expressive? Yes, very!
What are the four qualities of French wine, from lowest to highest? Vin de Table Vin de Pays VDQS (Vin delimite de qualite superieure) AOC (Appelationd'originie controlee)
What effects the flavor of Champagne? Enology, viticultural techniques, terroir and tradition.
How is Champagne classified? By sugar content. From lowest to highest: Extra Brut (.6% sugar) Brut Brut (Most popular) Extra Dry (1.2% - 3.5%) Sec (1.7% - 3.5%) Demi-Sec (3.3%-5%) Doux (minimum of 5%)
Where is the Loir Valley and what is it known for? Along the Loire River, largest region in France Heavy Maritime Climate in west Grapes: Chenin Blanc, Cab Franc, Muscadet Wines: Good Sancerres, Pouilly-Fume
What are the sub-regions of the Loir Valley? Pays Natais: Muscadet Grape Anjou-Saumer: Chenin Blanc, Cab Franc, Gamay Touraine: Cab. Franc(historically) Chenin Blanc (today)
Where is the Rhone Valley? Southwest France. Near Medeterranian.
What are the sub-regions of the Rhone Valley? North Rhone: Grenache, Syrah, Viognier and Mouverde grapes "Black Ink" wines Sub-sub region: Hermitage Southern Rhone: Allows irrigation, Chateuneuf-du-Pape (blend of 13 different grapes)
Where is Champagne? North East of Paris. Based around Reims, Eppernay. Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinor Noir, Pinot Meunier.
What are the sub-regions of Champagne? Montange de Reims Cote des Blancs (Chardonnay grape) Marne River
Where is Bordeaux? France: on the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean. World capitol of wine. Earthy, flavorful wines. Usually blends of grapes.
What are the red grapes of Bordeaux? Cab Sauv Cab Franc Merlot Petit Verdot Malbec
What are the white wines of Bordeaux? Semillion Sauvignon Blanc Muscadele
Where is Medoc-Haut Medoc? Sub-region of Bordeaux. Cab Sauv, Merlot, Cab Franc.
What are the four major communes in Medoc? Paullac, Margaux, St. Julien, and St. Estephe.
What are the four great chateaus of Bordeaux and what commune are they in? Chateau Margaux (Margaux) Chateau Latour (Pouilac) Chateau Mouton-Rothschild(Pauilac) Chateau Lafite- Rothschild (Pauilac)
Where is Graves? Sub-region of Bordeaux. Chateau Haut-Brion(red wines)
What are the grapes of Graves? Sauv Blanc, and Semillion (white) cab, cab franc, merlot (reds)
Where is St. Emillion & Pomerol? Sub region of Graves. Chateau Ausone and Cheval Blanc Chateau Petrus
Where is Sauterne- Barsac? Sub-region of Graves. Sweet wine region. Chateau d'Yquem
Where is Burgundy? France, further North than Bordeaux. "Area always poised on a Knife edge"
What are the grapes of Burgundy? Red: Pinot Noir(difficult to grow) and Gammay White: Chardonnay
***What are the classification systems of Burgundy? Regional, Village, Premier Cru and Grand Cru(33 of these) ***
Where is Chablis? A Sub-region of Burgundy. EU says only this area can use this name. Chardonnay grape: Dry, flinty white wine.
Where is Cote d'Or? Sub-region of Burgundy. "Slope of gold" Sub sub regions: Cote de Nuits: Vosne-Romanee Cote de Beaune: Aloxe-Corton, Pommard, Mersault, Montrachet, Hospices de Beaune.
Where is Cote Chalonnaise? Sub-region of Burgundy. Red grapes: Pinot Nior (Dry) White grape: Chardonnay (Stoney)
Where is Maconnaise? Sub-region of Burgundy. THE LARGEST WHITE WINE REGION IN BURGUNDY Chardonnay: Pouilly Fuisse (most famous wine)
Where is Beaujolais? Sub-region of Burgundy. Red Wine District. Special fermentation, grapes are NOT crushed. Beaujolais Nouveau (1st of the harvest) is released Nov 15)
List the First Growth Vineyards (5). Chateau Margaux (Margaux->Medoc-Haut Medoc->Bordeaux->France Chateau Latour (Pouilac->Medoc-Haut Medoc) Chateau Mouton-Rothschild (Pouilac) Chateau Lafite-Rothschild (Pouilac)
List the sub-regions for Burgundy. Chablis Cote d'Or Cote Chalonnaise Maconnaise Beaujolais
What grapes are used in White Burgundy wines? Chardonnay
What are the differences between Bordeaux and Burguny wines? Bordeaux is dominated by chateaus, while Burgundy is made up of small scale growers. Bordeaux wines are usually processed in a single chateau where as in Burgundy wine makers may not even grow grapes. Therefore, Burgundy has many different kinds of wines.
What is the primary grape used in Alsacian Wines? Reisling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris.
What kind of bottles do Bordeaux and Burgundy use? Bordeaux: Dark green, thin bottle "high rounded shoulders" Burgundy: light green/yellow wider base "low shoulders"
What is the Italian wine classification system from lowest to highest? Vinda da Tavola I.G.T. (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) D.O.C. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) D.O.C.G. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita)
How can Italian wines be named? Geographic location (Chianti) Grape names (Chardonnay)(Must be 100% of that grape) Legendary names (est! est! est!) Proprietary Names (Gravello)
What is slow food? A politcal/social movement that is based around the idea of saving and preserving traditional, regional ingredient,s, dishes and techniques. The counterpart to fast food.
What did the Greeks call Italy? Oenotria the land of wine
Is Italy the biggest producer of grapes and wine? Yes to wine but no to grapes.
How many grape varietals does Italy have? Over 3,800
What are the major red grapes of Italy? Barbera, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, and Trebbiano
What are the major white grapes of Italy? Moscato, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio
What are the two wines Italy is best known for? Spumanti and Chianti
Where is Piedmont? North west Italy, Base of the alps.
Where is Asti? Sub-region of Piedmont. DOCG wine, Charmat processes. Grapes: Muscato (white) and Barbera (red). Wine: Asti-Spumante (sparkling wine, outsells champagne in US)
Where is Barolo? Sub-region of Piedmont. Fog during nights (nebbia) Grapes Nebbiolo (red). Wines: Barolo, King of Italian wines, the most complex in Italy.
Where is Barbaresco? Sub-region of Piedmont. DOCG wines. Grape: Nebbilo (red) Ripens earlier than in Barolo. Wine: Barbaresco.
Where is Tuscany? Italy. Best known wine region. Hills between Florence and Sienna.
Where is Chianti? Italy's most famous wine. Stored in wicker baskets. Most famous of the seven subregions is Classico.
Where is Brunello di Montalcino? Italy's most expensive wine. Aged at least two years in oak, followed by two year in bottle. Grapes: Bruello. Clone of the Sangiovese.
Where is Vino Nobile di Montepulciano? Italy. Grapes: Prugnolo Gentile (Vino Nobile) another clone of the Sangiovese.
Where is Vernaccia di San Gimignano? Italy. Famous hilled town. First white wine to achieve DOC, now DOCG.
What are the most important grapes for the following regions? Chianti Classico. Piedmont. Veneto. Asti. Soave. Chianti: Sangiovese. Piedmont: Nebbiolo, Barolo, and Muscato. Veneto:Garganega. Asti: Muscato and Barbera. Soave: Garganega.
What makes a Tuscan a Super Tuscan? Any Tuscan red wine that does not adhere to traditional blending laws for the region
True of False. IGT wines are always poorer quality than DOCG wines. Explain your answer. False. The classifications are based on traditional methods and blending, not quality.
Who founded Slow Food? Carlo Petrini.
List the important grapes from the following regions: Porto. Rioja. Cataluna. Jerez. Porto:Touriga Nacional. Rioja:Tempranillo(noble grape of Spain). Cataluna: CariƱena and Garnacha grapes. Jerez: Palomino, manzanilla, moscatel, and pedro Ximenez.
What does flor mean? Yeast. A layer of natural wild yeast protects the finos and amontillados while in the barrel. (Sherry)
What does Soleo mean? A complicated fractionalized bledning of different ages of wine of a type: amontillados, olorosos, or cream to which distilled alcohol has been added DURING fermentation. (Sherry)
Define Tawny. A port that has not been aged in wood. Depending on the level of quality, wood aging differs.
Define White (Port style) Port made from white grapes, can be made in many different styles.
Define Vintage Port. A ruby port made only in exceptional years, known as "Declared Vintages."
Define Ruby Port. Ruby port is the cheapest and most extensively produced type of port. After fermentation, it is stored in tanks made of concrete or stainless steel to prevent oxidative aging and preserve its rich claret color.
Why are the English important in the history of Spanish and Portuguese wine production? After raiding a Spanish town and returning to England with a boat full of wine, the English demand for Sherry kept the market and tradition alive.
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