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SG food chemistry

final exam

Important chemicals needed by the body for growth,cell repairs, and energy. nutrient
Nutrients needed in large quantities. Macro-nutrients
Nutrients needed in small quntities of vitamins and mierals. Micro-nutrients
Bad fats Saturated fats
Iron, calcium,and zinc Minerals
Beans,peas,and rices Legumes
Glucose,starch, both sugars. Carbohydrates
What food is a good source for vitamin A carrot
What food is a good source for vitamin C citric foods
What are the 4 types of sugars glucose, fructose, lactose, sucrose
All sugars end in what suffix ose
Name two health problems if you have two much sugar diabetes, tooth decay
What does glucose provide to the body energy
Proteins help your body do what two things grow, repair itself
Name 4 parts of your body that are made up of protein skin, hair, muscles, organs
Name 4 main food sources of protein legumes, egg whites, meat, fish
What is the principal source of starch on our planet Rice
Name 4 foods, other than what we tested, that are a source of starch pasta, corn, bread, potatoes
Without starch your body starts to burn what two things fat, muscle
Your body first turns starch into Sugar
After your body turns starch into sugar, then it turns the excess into fat
What does starch provide the body energy
Why do people in different parst of the world eat different kinds of starch Thats what their culture is
Name 3 ways that fat tissue helps your body cushions organs, insulates your body, protects your bones
Name the 2 kinds of fat saturated, unsaturated
Which is the unhealthy fat the cause health concerns, what are two concerns Saturated fat. Cancer & Heart disease
Created by: Mumble