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Phlebotomy Mini Req

Tests, Tubes and Department

Rh Type Pink Blood Bank
DAT Pink Blood Bank
Coombs Pink Blood Bank
ABO Pink Blood Bank
MI (STAT) Green Chemistry
Retic Lavender Hemotology
Sickel Cell (Sickledex) Lavender Hemotology
RBC Lavender Hemotology
Plt. Ct. (platelet or Plt.) Lavender Hemotology
Osmotic Fragility Lavender Hemotology
MCV Lavender Hemotology
MCHC Lavender Hemotology
Lactic Acid Gray Chemistry
GTT (Glucose Time Test) Gray Chemistry
ETOH (Alcohol) Gray Chemistry
Depakote Red Chemistry
Asprin Red Chemistry
ASO Red Serology
Aldostrone Red Chemistry
Digoxin Red Chemistry
Dilantin Red Chemistry
Drug Screening Red Chemistry
Lithium Red Chemistry
Phenobarbitol Red Chemistry
Tegretol Red Chemistry
Vancomycin Red Chemistry
Pb (Lead) Tan Chemistry
WBC Lavender Hemotology
MCH Lavender Hemotology
Indices Lavender Hemotology
Hgb (Hemoglobin) Lavender Hemotology
Hct (Hematocrit) Lavender Hemotology
H&H (Hct&Hgb) Lavender Hemotology
ESR Lavender Hemotology
Eos (Eosinophil) Lavender Hemotology
CBC Lavender Hemotology
A1c (Hgb A1c) Lavender Hemotology
APTT (PTT) Light Blue Coagulation
D-Dimer Light Blue Coagulation
DIC Light Blue Coagulation
Factor Assays Light Blue Coagulation
FDP Light Blue Coagulation
Fibrinogen Light Blue Coagulation
Plt. Agg. (Platelet Aggregation Light Blue Coagulation
PT/INR Light Blue Coagulation
Aluminum (AL) Royal Blue Chemistry
Cu (Copper) Royal Blue Chemistry
Zn (Zinc) Royal Blue Chemistry
FBS (Fasting Glucose) Gray Chemistry
AFB Green Microbiology
BC (Blood Culture) Yellow microbiology
AFP Gold Chemistry
ALP Gold Chemistry
ALT (SGPT) Gold Chemistry
Amylase Gold Chemistry
ANA Gold Chemistry
AST (SGOT) Gold Chemistry
B12 (Vitamin B12) Gold Chemistry
Beta Carotene Gold Chemistry
Bilirubin (Bili) Gold Chemistry
BMP Gold Chemistry
BUN Gold Chemistry
CK (CPK or CK-MB) Gold Chemistry
Cl (Chloride) Gold Chemistry
CMP Gold Chemistry
CMV Gold Blood Bank
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Gold Chemistry
Cold Agglutinins Gold Chemistry
Creatine Gold Chemistry
CRP Gold Serology
Electrolytes (lytes) Gold Chemistry
Fe (Iron) Gold Chemistry
Ferritin Gold Chemistry
GGT Gold Chemistry
Folate Gold Chemistry
HBsAb Gold Serology
HBsAg Gold Serology
HCG Gold Chemistry
HIV Gold Serology
IgA Gold Chemistry
IgM Gold Chemistry
K (Potassium( Gold Chemistry
LD Gold Chemistry
LDL Gold Chemistry
Lipase Gold Chemistry
Mg (Magnesium) Gold Chemistry
MI Gold Chemistry
Mono (Mononucleosis) Gold Serology
Na (Sodium) Gold Chemistry
P (Phosphorus) Gold Chemistry
PSA Gold Chemistry
RF (Rheumatoid Factor) Gold Serology
RPR (Syphilis) Gold Serology
T3 Gold Chemistry
T4 Gold Chemistry
Thyriod Panel Gold Chemistry
Trig. (Triglycerides) Gold Chemistry
TSH Gold Chemistry
Uric Acid Gold Chemistry
Created by: 100001561710713